A PhD project is offered to develop testate soil amoebae to provide a new measure of the hydrological status of peatlands through time. Changes over time in the resting spores in peat sections can provide a history of wetting and drying phases which can be used to understand ecological responses, test climate models and determine the impact of different management of peatlands. 

Funding will provide a three year stipend (currently A$25,406 per annum tax free), and field and analytic expenses. The work will involve field sampling, laboratory preparation and microscopy in well-equipped laboratories in either the Department of Archaeology and Natural History, at ANU or in the Centre for Ecosystem Science at UNSW. A good honours result (or equivalent) with a background in biology, geography or environmental monitoring is required.

Further information about this project is available from Dr Scott Mooney (UNSW) s.mooney@unsw.edu.au or Prof. Geoff Hope (ANU) Geoffrey.Hope@anu.edu.au