How can business thrive while helping drive sustainability? Can we build resilience no matter what changes in business? At UNSW Business School, you’ll learn how to be a business leader driven by purpose – for both society and the environment.

Help lead digital sustainability and innovation

UNSW's Digital Sustainability Hub specialises in helping government and business build smarter sustainable cities, improve biodiversity and promote Information Communication Technology in disadvantaged communities. Founded by Professor Shan Pan, the Hub has pioneered research on digital sustainability with the aim of helping achieve the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.
Be inspired by Shan’s work in improving food innovation and sustainability, and help advance ethics in business.
Professor Shan Pan is Director of the Digital Sustainability Hub. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Shan Pan


Professor Pan is Director of the Digital Sustainability Hub. He’s driving research and education as Deputy Head of the School of Information Systems & Technology Management. Join Shan in making an impact at UNSW Business School.

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Help form markets for environmental sustainability

UNSW Business School is integrating responsible management across our curriculum. With leaders like Dr Maria Balatbat, we’re teaching the next generation of business leaders to drive sustainability. We offer award-winning undergraduate and postgraduate courses which incorporate environmental, social, and governance into investing, accounting and reporting.
Be inspired by award-winning faculty leaders to help improve every level of business administration.
Dr. Maria Balatbat, Senior Lecturer. Fields of Interest marketing campaign still.

Meet Dr. Maria Balatbat

Senior Lecturer

Maria’s research includes environmental and social accounting, corporate reporting and assurance of non-financial information – plus their value to capital markets. Join Maria in making an impact at UNSW Business School.

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If you want to build sustainability in business, here are some degrees that will help you make a difference.

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