Interconnected control systems are widespread in engineering, defence and communications applications. Examples of such systems include a team of unmanned aerial vehicles pursuing a set of coordinated objectives, a platoon of vehicles on the highway, an array of actuated micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), to name a few. Such systems are coupled dynamically or via team objective constraints and are characterized by a high level of complexity including modelling uncertainties and changes in the system configuration. The project will look into methodologies of robust control design for distributed and large-scale uncertain systems, which make use of the interconnection structure of the system.

Description of Work:

Develop new mathematical methodologies of robust control design for uncertain distributed and large-scale nonlinear interconnected systems. Possible theoretical applications and models involve control of large systems consisting of interacting agents, control of large-scale networked systems.

The project will involve mathematical research in the area of modern control theory.


Prof Valeri Ougrinovski


School of Engineering & IT

Research Area

Systems & Control