The emergence of technologies relying on information networks have brought into prominence new challenges in the area of cyber-security concerned with security of industrial control and data acquisition systems. This project will involve research into the theory of cyber secure distributed control and estimation systems networks, focused on systems cooperation in the presence of strategic adversaries. It will develop methodologies for mitigation of stealthy attacks on complex control systems interconnected in the topology of a network. These methodologies will provide a systematic means for achieving a trade-off between system performance and its resilience to cyber threats of malicious nature.

There is a number of directions this research can take, therefore more than one student are welcome to undertake this project.

Description of Work:

This project involves mathematical modelling and analysis of control systems cooperating over communication networks as well as numerical simulations of developed control and estimation algorithms.


Prof Valeri Ougrinovski


School of Engineering & IT

Research Area

Systems & Control