Cyberspace has become a major focus in international relations. With high levels of cross border connectivity, many global powers have incorporated cyber issues into their foreign policies. As cyber threats escalate, governments and organisations need to work together to develop cyber strategies and appoint delegates to oversee these strategic objectives.  

Degree type

Postgraduate coursework


1 year full-time

Commencing terms

Semester 1, Semester 2

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The Master of Cyber Security, Strategy & Diplomacy at UNSW Canberra is offered by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences. This course provides students with the opportunity to explore how cyber security, strategy and diplomacy intersect. Learn how to develop and apply effective cybersecurity strategies to real-world problems, and understand the policy, operational and ethical challenges that result from increasing advances in technology. 


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For more information on this degree, see the UNSW Handbook.

  • Students undertaking Master of Cyber Security, Strategy & Diplomacy need to complete 48 Units of Credit (UOC) by completing 24 UOC from four core courses, 12 UOC from the Strategy and Politics electives, and 12 UOC from the Technology and Security electives. 

  • The research thesis is recommended for students with a strong interest in pursuing original research in a particular area or intending to undertake a higher-level research qualification. Students who obtain at least a Distinction average in four courses may take a 12 UOC research thesis, ZHSS8401 Research Thesis A 6UOC and ZHSS8402 Research Thesis B 6UOC. You must enrol in both units to fulfil the requirements. You may enrol in the two units concurrently to do the thesis in a single semester or consecutively to complete it over two semesters. Enrolment is subject to approval by the Postgraduate Coordinator.

  • Core courses

    Code Course Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
    ZHSS8441 Cyber-Security and World Politics Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8455 Australian Cyber Diplomacy Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZHSS8456 Australia and Cyber War Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZHSS8458 Cyber Policy in China Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8460 Power and Australian Government Policy  Not Offered Not Offered


    Students should complete no more than two electives or 12 UOC from each of the following two lists:

    Strategy and politics electives

    Code Course Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
    ZHSS8125 Strategic Communication  Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8403 Global Security Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8409 Asia-Pacific Security Not Offered Not Offered
    ZHSS8410 Australian Defence Policy Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZHSS8430 China's Security Policy and Military Modernisation Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8435 Contemporary Strategy Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZHSS8459 Special Operations: Theory and Strategic Utility Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8462 Ethics in Special, Complex and Irregular Military Operations Not Offered Not Offered
    ZHSS8463 International Law in Global Politics Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZHSS8467 Military Game Changers in 21st Century Warfare Not Offered Not Offered
    ZHSS8504 Space Cooperation, Conflict and Competition Not Offered Distance Mode

    Technology and security electives

    Code Course Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
    ZEIT8017 Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8018 Cyber Defence: Governance, Management and Acquisition Distance Mode Not Offered
    ZEIT8020 Cyber Offence: Threats and Opportunities Distance Mode

    Distance Mode

    Intensive Mode**

    ZEIT8026 Cyber Defence: Network Security Operations Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZEIT8032 Information Assurance Principles Not Offered Distance Mode
    ZEIT8115 Information Operations Not Offered Distance Mode
     ZEIT8303 Project Management Body of Knowledge Distance Mode Distance Mode

    **IDM dates may be subject to change. Enrolled students will be advised if changes occur.

    Research thesis

    Code Thesis Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
    ZHSS8401 Research Thesis A Distance Mode Distance Mode
    ZHSS8402 Research Thesis B Distance Mode Distance Mode

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    The following ASU course is available as a Technology and Security elective in the Master of Cyber Security, Strategy & Diplomacy program.

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    Code Course Course Dates for 2023
    YCAN8000 US Cyber Policy and Information Security

    13 March - 28 April

    (Census date - 26 March - Drop YCAN8000 without financial or academic penalty)

    For more information and enrolment to this course, please contact SAS at

    Maximum class size

    Please note the enrolment capacity of this course is 15 places. Once this capacity has been reached, SAS will hold a ‘waiting list’ of 5 students and no further enrolments can be considered.

  • For information regarding entry requirements, please refer to the UNSW Handbook

Key contacts

Program Coordinator
Dr Debbie Lackerstein

Student enquiries
T: (02) 5114 5000