This theme focuses on integrating advanced technologies and operational excellence to accelerate the transformation of the minerals and energy resources sectors. Of particular interest is to adopt scientific knowledge and emerging technologies from other disciplines tailored for the minerals and energy resources sectors. This includes monitoring and communication technologies to improve mining safety, evaluate environmental impact and expand efficiencies.

They work collaboratively with our domestic and international partners to find innovative and efficient ways to ensure sustainable practices are incorporated in all aspects of mining.

Our research in Indoor Positioning & Indoor Navigation using various technologies explores indoor positioning and navigation using a range of technologies.

We’ve significant capability and proven knowledge on the fundamental and applied research in Mine Internet of Things.

At the UNSW School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering, our expertise lies in sustainable mine waste management through the practice of valorisation.

In many ways the advanced visualisation tools at the School represents so much of what is important to us: innovation, industry partnerships and high-quality education.

We’re a global research leader in mine ventilation to create safer and more sustainable mining operations.

We’ve significant capability and proven knowledge in off-earth mining and space resource utilisation research to reduce potential investment risks.

We conduct research to improve understanding on oil-water-rock interaction & its effect on wettability alteration.

We’re leading the research in smart sensing systems to address challenges around safety and the environment.