Student Conduct & Integrity

The Conduct & Integrity Office supports UNSW by ensuring that the principles of respect and integrity underpin the pursuit of knowledge.

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The Code of Conduct & Values underpins student conduct and integrity

The new Code can support us to navigate complex circumstances. We each have the power to make a positive difference in the way that we choose to respond when unforeseen circumstances arise.

  • Responsibilities for this principle include:

    1.1. We are all accountable for our actions and failures to act

    1.2. We take care for the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others

    1.3. We foster a safe environment that is equitable, diverse and inclusive

    1.4. We speak up and build an active bystander culture

    1.5. We support one another

  • Responsibilities for this principle include:

    2.1. We agree to clear boundaries for respectful interaction

    2.2. We communicate openly and respectfully

    2.3. We practice and protect academic freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression

  • Responsibilities for this principle include:

    3.1. We respect intellectual property including moral rights

    3.2. We are accurate, transparent and operate with integrity when we conduct or communicate our studies, research, work and identity

    3.3. We conduct research responsibly and with integrity

    3.4. We conduct research ethically and with appropriate approvals

    3.5. We minimise risk of harm when conducting research

  • Responsibilities for this principle include:

    4.1. We use and care for all UNSW and third-party resources responsibly and respectfully

    4.2. We maintain independence and accurately disclose and manage conflicts of interest and commitments

    4.3. We prevent, detect, report and respond to serious wrongdoing and fraud and corruption risks

    4.4. We maintain the University’s positive reputation and good standing

    4.5. We respect privacy and confidentiality

  • Responsibilities for this principle include:

    5.1. Our work aligns with the principles and responsibilities of this Code and our legal obligations

Student Misconduct

Misconduct at UNSW usually falls into one of three categories; academic, non-academic or research misconduct. Learn about what actions or behaviours may constitute misconduct.


If it's not your words, it's not your work. Cheating is serious and could result in severe consequences.

UNSW Courageous Conversations

As humans, we can all make mistakes from time to time. At UNSW we believe that students deserve the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Supporting resources for students

Here are some contacts you can reach out to for help and advice when dealing with issues and trying to resolving your questions or complaints at UNSW.

Make a complaint

A complaint is any type of problem, concern or grievance about your studies, student life, the University or the University environment.

Registering plagiarism or suspected misconduct

How to add a students to the plagiarism register or make a referral of suspected misconduct to be investigated by the Conduct and Integrity Office.

Conduct and Integrity Reports

Student Conduct and Compaints 2022

1 January – December 31, 2022

Student Conduct and Compaints 2021

1 January – December 31, 2021

The new UNSW Code of Conduct & Values takes effect from Friday 17th May 2024
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