Student Conduct & Integrity

The Conduct & Integrity Office supports UNSW by ensuring that the principles of respect and integrity underpin the pursuit of knowledge.

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The Code of Conduct underpins student conduct and integrity

Upon your enrolment at UNSW, you share responsibility with us for maintaining a safe, harmonious and tolerant University environment.

    • The University provides students with the opportunity to:

      • be considered for selection into courses or programs with selection criteria that are valid, explicit, fair and transparent
      • enrol in courses and programs of study that are of a high standard and satisfy relevant professional requirements
      • have reasonable access to appropriately qualified academic staff and academic and learning support services, materials, equipment and other resources to enable completion of academic courses
      • receive clear and timely information about courses, administrative procedures and feedback on assessment tasks
      • provide feedback on the teaching, learning and research environment
      • receive appropriate recognition for copyright subsisting in original theses, essays and other submitted work; receive recognition for their contribution to the published work of UNSW staff; and, recognition of their legitimate share of intellectual property rights
      • study and work in a safe, inclusive and productive academic environment.
    • The University endeavours to ensure that students:

      • study in an academic environment which fosters student participation in debate and where students can express alternative points of view in accordance with the principles in the Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Code of Conduct.
      • are treated with courtesy and respect as valued members of the University community
      • are provided with the opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes of the University through elected student representatives
      • are treated fairly, impartially and consistently in all aspects of University policy, procedures and practice
      • are treated equitably, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment
      • have access to reasonable support services if experiencing personal, health, academic and/or disability related challenges
      • have reasonable access to the records held about them
      • receive respect and lawful protection of their privacy
      • can make a complaint about their experience at the University
      • can make a complaint or exercise a right of appeal without fear of victimisation and with the assurance that the matter will be treated seriously, expeditiously and sensitively having due regard to procedural fairness and confidentiality.
    • UNSW students:

      • meet the eligibility requirements for admission
      • inform themselves of all relevant University policies and procedures
      • keep their contact details entered in myUNSW current at all times
      • read and, if required, respond to all communications sent by UNSW to their UNSW email address or via Moodle, Microsoft Teams or other university recognised forms of communication
      • correctly identify themselves and produce to University staff and affiliates their student card or other form of photo identification upon request.
    • UNSW students:

      • actively participate in the learning process, including attending scheduled teaching and learning activities
      • submit assessment tasks by submission dates and times, unless unforeseen or exceptional circumstances arise
      • conduct themselves honestly and according to University policies and procedures
      • ensure that they properly and fairly use copyright material
      • ensure that their activities and conduct do not place themselves or others at risk of harm or injury

        This includes observing all ethical requirements of their academic and UNSW community activities. If under the influence of alcohol or a prohibited substance, not attending or participating in any learning activity, such as, tutorials, laboratory and classes.

      • behave ethically and with integrity, avoiding any action or behaviour that would unfairly advantage or disadvantage either themselves or another student.

        This includes engaging in, or facilitating, plagiarism (e.g. contract cheating or collusion), exam cheating, fabricating and falsifying documents, sources and data and other forms of misconduct.

      • conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the proper functioning of the University, recognising that a primary function of the University is the pursuit of academic and research excellence
      • are familiar with the programs and resources made available or recommended by the University to assist them to conduct their studies and research, including resources to help students avoid plagiarism and to comply with the ethical requirements of research
      • display respect by behaving in a manner that will not unreasonably impair the freedom of others to pursue their studies, work and research and to participate in life at the University.
    • UNSW students:

      • treat all members of the UNSW community with courtesy and respect.

        This includes respecting the rights of others to be treated equitably, free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and vilification; and the rights of others to express political and religious views.

        This also includes not engaging in sexual misconduct, or behaviour that is perceived by others to be threatening or intimidating, or that causes any person to fear for their personal safety or wellbeing.

      • respect University teaching, learning, academic or other activities by not behaving in a way that significantly disrupts or interferes with these activities

        This includes any political, cultural, social or sporting gathering conducted by the University or authorised by the University to be held on any of its campuses.

      • comply with any reasonable direction or request from a UNSW staff member or affiliate where the direction or request supports safety, good order and compliance with UNSW policies and procedures.
    • As members of the UNSW community students behave lawfully at all times.

      Unlawful behaviour includes but is not limited to possessing, using or supplying prohibited weapon/s or substance/s; engaging in fraud; sexual misconduct; and illegally downloading copyrighted material.

    • UNSW students:

      • use and care for all University resources in a responsible and appropriate manner, mindful of the need for resources to be shared by all members of the UNSW community

        This includes buildings, equipment and grounds, the university’s art collection, the library (and the University Library collection), UNSW owned and operated residential colleges, information and communication technology resources, and both on-campus and off-campus venues in diverse contexts including online and off-campus activities such as clinical or work placements, fieldwork or practicums.

        This also includes not using the University’s resources for private gain or the gain of a third party, or private business or commercial purposes, without prior written permission.

      • keep their UNSW student ID (zID) secure and must not disclose their password (zPass) to anyone else.
    • UNSW students:

      • as representatives of the University, conduct themselves in a way that maintains and does not diminish the University’s reputation or good standing in any way

        This includes behaving in an appropriate manner, complying with relevant academic standards and protocols and not engaging in any unlawful conduct while representing the University in any capacity, including while travelling to and from, and while participating in, a UNSW facilitated exchange program at an overseas University, on a workplace or clinical placement, fieldwork, or other practicum.

      • use the University’s name, reputation or crest responsibly and only with prior written permission

        This means not using or reproducing the University’s name, reputation, crest or similar for private gain, the gain of a third party, private business, or commercial purposes, without prior written permission.
  • Upon enrolment, students join the UNSW community. As members of the UNSW community, students are expected to observe and uphold standards of conduct which are outlined in this code with respect to behaviour:

    • on UNSW campuses and facilities, including the live-in accommodation at Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Canberra
    • in virtual spaces (including online forums, communities and platforms) arranged or facilitated by UNSW or where the virtual space is connected to UNSW study or the student experience
    • while using UNSW information and communication technology resources
    • at any premises where research study or work integrated learning is undertaken as part of a UNSW activity including but not limited to placements, internships, exchanges, fieldwork, or other types of practicum
    • while students or student affiliates are representing UNSW (e.g. at social and sporting events, cultural activities, competitions, conferences), including within student clubs or whilst on exchange
    • between UNSW student and a UNSW staff and affiliates
    • at University owned, operated or affiliated accommodation
    • at separate legal entities controlled by the University
    • at Arc@UNSW and associated UNSW student society and club activities.
  • The following principles of open and respectful discussion are key to fostering and preserving a safe and fair learning environment and a positive student experience at UNSW:

    • UNSW encourages critical thought and open discussion, including of controversial ideas
    • UNSW is a dynamic community where ideas can change, and there is a commitment to creating a safe space for exploring and debating changing perspectives
    • Students should demonstrate respectful disagreement or feedback, expecting that they may be asked to explain or give evidence for their perspective or claims
    • Students are committed to engaging in respectful and inclusive conversations and debates; turn-taking; and appreciation
    • Students accept differences amongst each other – both seen and unseen
    • Students must permit others to express disagreement without fear of reprisal.
UNSW Code of Conduct

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