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We're here to support you in speaking up about something you've seen or experienced that doesn't feel right. Contact our team or access supporting resources for further help.

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Bronwyn Greene
Director, UNSW Conduct and Integrity

Yim Chan
Deputy Director, UNSW Conduct and Integrity


Riley O’Keeffe
Manager, Disclosures & Complex Investigations

Coordination, Advice & Support

Provides advice and support on the complaints process and to complaint handlers.

Student conduct & complaints

Matt Sherwood
Manager, Student Conduct and Integrity
UNSW Conduct and Integrity

For enquiries related to student misconduct, email:

For enquiries related to student complaints, email:

Research integrity

Amelia Kowalski
Manager, Research Integrity
UNSW Conduct and Integrity

General enquiries

For general enquiries about conduct & integrity at UNSW.

Supporting resources

  • Student Support Advisors

    Advisors are available to provide support in making a complaint, particularly at the informal level.

    Academic Skills Support

    Our Academic Skills Team want you to make the most of your university studies. 

    Student Advocate

    For independent advice and advocacy, you can contact a student advocate through Arc@UNSW. 

    Grades or class difficulties

    If you have a complaint about a mark or an overall grade, an event in class or difficulty in your program, talk to the lecturer, tutor, coordinator or technical officer. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching the person directly, you should seek the advice of the School Grievance Officer or Head of School.


    For a course-related complaint talk to your tutor, your lecturer or the course coordinator. Alternatively, you could seek advice from your School Grievance Officer or Head of School.

    Postgraduate research students

    The Graduate Research School is the central administrative and support unit for all higher degree research students and their supervisors at UNSW.

    Personal or private matters

    Psychology and Wellness offers individual counselling and support in helping students to find their way at university.

    Personal safety

    If you are facing an immediate threat to your safety, contact Campus Security.

    Grievance Officers

    If you are not comfortable having a conversation with course staff for any reason, Schools have a Grievance Officer whose role is to assist UNSW students with any issues related to their studies at UNSW.

  • HR Business Partnering team

    Complaints, Reports & Investigations Management SharePoint

    Staff complaints process

    EAP Benestar

  • Your supervisor or Research Integrity Adviser (RIA) is your first contact if you have questions or concerns about research or the UNSW Research Code and related policies. There is a RIA in every faculty. If, for any reason, you can’t speak to the RIA in your faculty, you can contact the RIA of any other Faculty or contact us at the UNSW Conduct and Integrity Office directly.

    Research Integrity Advisers

The new UNSW Code of Conduct & Values takes effect from Friday 17th May 2024
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