Conduct & integrity at UNSW

UNSW is building a positive, productive, and open culture, with a community that strives to act with integrity, honesty and trust.

Three law students walking in front of Law Building, walking towards the camera, greenary and reflections in glass of Law Building in background

Conduct of our UNSW Community

UNSW is building a positive, productive, and open culture. Our UNSW Community strives to act with integrity, honesty, and trust. We display respect, demonstrate excellence, drive innovation, build collaboration and embrace diversity. UNSW prioritises cultural, psychological, and physical safety.  

As members of the UNSW Community, we are all accountable for our actions and we meet the principles and responsibilities of our Codes of Conduct.  

We make ethical decisions and apply substantive and procedural fairness. We are socially responsible across all areas of our research, business, processes, and systems.  

If we see something that does not align with our Codes of Conduct or the law, we have a positive duty to speak up, act and we work to minimise risk of detrimental action. We support active bystanders and help one another. 

There is no place at UNSW for any form of discrimination, harassment, victimisation, retaliation, bullying, violence, racism, or modern slavery.