Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021

Project: Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey

Observers: Richard Kingsford & John Porter

Pilot: James Barkell

From Deniliquin, we headed straight northeast to pick up Band number 3 just west of the town of Temora, with a front bearing down on us. We hadn’t been able to finish this the previous week. Wet weather and wind coming in from the west which we stayed in front of.

The area looks great with all of the dams full to the brim. We hopped our way across this part of the world picking up farm dams as we went as well as creek lines and small weirs.

And then we surveyed the large storages such as Pejar Dam dam on Wollondilly River. This had a few cormorants, coot and black swans but with so much water around probably had fewer waterbirds than usual. It was also full to the brim.

Wind turbines are prominent around Crookwell, near Pejar Dam.

We then flew over the Great Dividing Range until we surveyed farm dams, creeks and other wetlands around Moss Vale.

Wetland surveyed near Moss Vale.

We arrived back in Bankstown at about lunchtime, after finishing off Survey Band 3.

By Richard Kingsford