PSYC1001 Psychology 1A S1
PSYC1011 Psychology 1B S2
PSYC1021 Introduction to Psychological Applications S1
PSYC1031 Psychological Science of Resilience S2
PSYC2001 Research Methods 2 S1
PSYC2061 Social & Developmental Psychology S1
PSYC2071 Perception & Cognition S2
PSYC2081 Learning & Physiological Psychology S1
PSYC2101 Assessment, Personality & Psychopathology S2
PSYC3001 Research Methods 3 S1
PSYC3011 Research & Applications of Psychology S2
PSYC3051 Physiological Psychology S2
PSYC3121 Social Psychology S2
PSYC3141 Behaviour in Organisations S1
PSYC3211 Cognitive Science S2
PSYC3221 Vision & Brain S1
PSYC3241 Psychobiology of Memory & Motivation S1
PSYC3301 Psychology & Law S1
PSYC3311 Language & Cognition S1
PSYC3331 Health Psychology S2
PSYC3341 Developmental Psychology S2
GENS9001 Psychology of the Individual & the Group S1
GENS9002 Psychology of the Body & the Mind S2
GENS9003 Abnormal Psychology S1
GENS9003 Abnormal Psychology S2
GENS9004 The Psychology of Addiction S1
GENS9005 Psychology of Work S1
GENS9005 Psychology of Work S2