PSYC1011 - Psychology 1B

PSYC1022 - Psychology of Addiction

PSYC1023 - Abnormal Psychology

PSYC1024 - Clinical perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress    

PSYC1025 - Psychology of Work

PSYC1027 - Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and Corrections

PSYC1029 - Psychobiology of Sex, Love and Attraction

PSYC1062 - Science of Wellbeing

PSYC1111 - Measuring Mind and Behaviour

PSYC2071 - Perception and Cognition

PSYC2101 - Assessment Personality & Psychopathology

PSYC3011 - Research and Applications of Psychology

PSYC3121 - Social Psychology

PSYC3202 - Cognitive and Clinical  Neuroscience

PSYC3331 - Health Psychology

PSYC3371 - Multivariate Data Analysis



PSYC4073 - Honours Research Project 12 UOC 


PSYC1022 - Psychology of Addiction