Leadership Foundations

Develop essential leadership and professional skills and to be able to apply them in a range of different contexts.

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Become the leader you would want to follow

Leadership Foundations is AHEGS recognised and freely available to all UNSW students. Whether you are just beginning your leadership journey or looking to further develop your leadership skills, this employability development program is for you!

Employers are looking for students who can demonstrate excellent communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills as well as resilience; these skills are rated the most desirable skills for graduates entering the workforce. This program is designed to help you develop these essential leadership and professional skills and to be able to apply them in a range of different contexts.

The learning experience is designed to help you discover your leadership identity and develop practical skills including:

·       Self-awareness

·       Collaboration and communication

·       Building effective relationships

·       Creating safe and inclusive teams

·       Conflict management

·       Wellbeing and resilience

·       and more...

In joining our Leadership Foundations learning community you will make connections with peers and become part of the Leadership Foundations alumni network upon successful completion of the program.

T1, 2024 application dates coming soon. Watch this space! 

  • You don't need an official title (e.g. president/manager) to be a leader. Anyone can be a leader, and anyone can practice leadership skills. We believe that this program should be part of every student’s development journey as it reflects the UNSW Graduate Capabilities of becoming a globally focused graduate capable of leadership and professional practice in an international community.

    We welcome any UNSW student who is interested in discovering their leadership identity and developing their interpersonal and professional skills.

    A key strength of Leadership Foundations is the diversity of perspectives, experience and knowledge within the learning community. We encourage students from all faculties and levels of study to apply to the program. If you are a student with a disability and you have access needs, we will work with you so you are able to fully participate in the program.

  • You will join a learning community of like-minded students to progress through six blended learning modules. This will take approx. 20 hours in total to complete.  

    Each module comprises one online learning experience on Moodle, involving personal reflection tasks, readings and/or videos. Followed by a workshop encompassing group-based practice activities and discussions.

    Accompanying the learning modules are development tasks which need to be satisfactorily completed in order to successfully finish the program.

  • In Leadership Foundations, you will:

    • Create your own leadership development plan and explore what leadership means to your identity.
    • Formulate a purpose statement by reflecting on your personal values, strengths, and life experiences.
    • Co-create team agreements to encourage constructive relationships in team environments by considering factors such as psychological safety, effective communication, and conflict management.
    • Develop a team culture action plan by applying the principles of social awareness, diversity, and inclusion.
    • Construct a wellbeing and resilience action plan to expand personal capacity when encountering challenges.
    • Demonstrate the leadership development attributes of courage, growth mindset, curiosity, empathy, active listening and self-reflection.


    Here’s what previous participants have shared about their experience of the program:

    “I honestly did not expect to learn so much about myself and others and I feel so privileged that I was part of this learning community and experience.”

    “It was just AMAZING!!!! The program has helped me develop my confidence, identify myself as a leader in a group, plan my journey of development, realise the importance of self-care and be a leader of my own life”

    “A very well organised, immersive and highly informative program that truly enabled me to learn and develop in a safe environment “

    “Content was amazing. Tedtalks, articles, videos all of them were so good insightful” 

    “The program really changed my opinions on what it takes to be a leader. I found it enlightening and insightful”

  • T1, 2024 application dates coming soon.

  • Upon satisfactorily meeting the program participation and development task requires, you will be awarded AHEGS recognition, a program completion certificate, advertisement to post on your LinkedIn profile, and access to the Leadership Foundations LinkedIn Group to continue your professional and personal development.