Reproduction of all archival records

Researchers are encouraged to use records on site as the University Archives does not recommend copying documents for preservation reasons. Researchers may request copies of records held in the University Archives; reproduction charges apply and must be paid for by researchers. Any copying is subject to approval by the University Archivist; factors which may affect such approval include the prevention of damage to records, the purpose of the request, ensuring compliance with copyright law and access restrictions, and the availability of resources.

Researchers who require copies must complete the Application for Reproduction of Archival Records form which includes a copyright declaration for the purpose of ensuring that the Researcher’s copy is used only in a manner consistent with the approval; this approval does not constitute approval to make another copy of the copy supplied by the University to the researcher.

Use of copies for private research and study purposes only

Where the Researcher applies for a copy to be used solely for the purpose of private research and study, the University Archives may approve the application for reproduction.

Use of copies for other purposes

Where the Researcher applies for a copy to be used for purposes other than private research and study, such as publication or communication, the University and the Researcher share responsibility in ensuring that the use of copies issued by the University Archives does not infringe any copyright in the original records or copies, whether published or unpublished.

Records which are not protected by copyright may be copied without further consideration of copyright implications.

Where the University owns copyright in the record to be reproduced, the University Archives may grant a non-exclusive licence to the Researcher authorising them to use the copy of the copyright protected record solely in the stated manner; the granting of the licence ensures that the University retains such copyright as it may have in the original records and copies.

Where the University Archivist believes that the copyright in the record to be reproduced may be vested in another, the University Archives cannot authorise the proposed use and therefore cannot authorise copying for that purpose unless it is satisfied that the Researcher has obtained the copyright owner’s permission to publish or communicate the document.

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Citation and publication requirements

A Researcher who has been granted access to records held in the University Archives undertakes to comply with the Archives’ citation and publication requirements.

The citation methods (examples below of abbreviated and expanded form) apply when the Researcher is making reference to a record in a paper (book, article, essay, thesis, conference paper etc…) or is publishing, communicating or displaying a reproduction of a record held in the University Archives.

Example of abbreviated citation method

“UNSW Archives: 123-456-789” where 123 is the agency number, 456 is the series number and 789 is the item number.

Example of expanded citation method

“University of New South Wales Archives: Faculty of Science; Series 456 - Faculty Handbooks 1952-2002; 1975 volume.” When a Researcher obtains the written permission of the University Archives to publish, communicate or display a reproduction of a record held in the University Archives, they undertake to acknowledge the University Archives as the source of the record as follows: “Courtesy of UNSW Archives.”

Copying Services for records held in the University Archives

Where permission to reproduce archival records has been granted, the following copying services are available from the Archives.

User Copying

Scanning undertaken by the user at the Archives is free of charge.

Copying Requests

Material already in digital form may be sent to researchers free of charge. For nondigitised items, the Archives will send up to 3 images/pages free of charge; for more than 3 images/pages an hourly scanning charge will apply, with a minimum charge of one hour.

The Archives retains the right to charge $60 per hour for any copying and will notify in advance that the request will attract this charge.

Other reproduction services

Requests for other reproduction services, such as copying of larger items and audiovisual material, should be discussed with staff. These facilities may not be available within the Archives, but in such cases it may be possible to have copying carried out by an external supplier with costs charged to the researcher.

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