The aim of this suite of projects is to review existing literature about works in stigma reduction initiatives, and then to develop, implement and evaluate new theoretically-based interventions with key target groups. These interventions will include initiatives aimed at the general public and health workers, and cover individually and organisationally-based strategies for change. 

Research Centre

Centre for Social Research in Health

Research Area

HIV and Sexual Health | Hepatitis and Harm Reduction

Broady, T. R., L. Brener, T. Vuong, E. Cama and C. Treloar (2021). "Online interventions to reduce stigma towards population groups affected by blood borne viruses in Australia." Int J Drug Policy 96: 103292.

Hopwood, M. (2016). Interventions to reduce stigma: A narrative review of the literature. Sydney: Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Australia.

Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

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