Students must meet all requirements of their Undergraduate Degree (stages 1 to 3) before being eligible for Honours. For current BABS undergraduate students, their major will normally determine which Honours stream they should enrol in. Students who wish to enrol in a stream not aligned with their major first seek advice from the BABS Honours Student Advisor, Julna Zhao.

Admission is competitive and depends on academic merit and the availability of an approved supervisor.

Consideration of academic merit is focused on performance in stage 3 Science subjects and overall WAM. Students with an average overall WAM of 65 or lower and/or an average of 65 or lower in third-level science courses are usually not admitted to Honours. Students who have achieved an average overall WAM of 65 or higher and an average of 65 or higher in stage 3 Science courses may be admitted if an approved supervisor is available.

Applicants must list five choices of supervisor and project (in order of preference) on their application form, as preferred supervisors may not always be available to take on another student.

Applicants must nominate at least three of the five projects from supervisors within BABS. It is essential that students spend time with prospective supervisors to discuss the details and suitability of potential projects before submitting preferences.

Students from institutions external to UNSW

The School of BABS welcomes applications from graduates from other Australian universities as well as overseas. Such applicants should include a description of subjects completed in their undergraduate degree so that equivalence can be determined.