Priscilla Rivas

Priscilla Rivas

Postgraduate Research Student
Bachelor of Arts, Marine Affairs (University of Miami). Master of Marine Affairs (University of Washington)

PhD Candidate

Priscilla began her PhD candidature at UNSW Law in Sep 2019 and her research surrounds the implementation of the Port State Measures Agreement in the Pacific Islands.

Previously, Priscilla was part of a research project regarding the West Coast Pacific Groundfish Fishery in the United States and its Adaptive Management Program (AMP). She helped prepare a report on the program which was shared with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to be used for the AMP's five year review.

Additionally, as an intern at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) she attended the biannual Committee on Fisheries Meeting in Rome, presented at a conference on fisheries tenure and user rights in Yeosu, S. Korea, and assisted in the writing of a publication on the socioeconomic impacts of fisheries quota share systems.

Areas of research

Law of the Sea, Fisheries Management, International Law, Conservation, Natural Resource Management


Natalie Klein, Ben Milligan

Publications and presentations

Presentation - Tenure and User Rights in Fisheries 2018, Yeosu, Korea, 'Pacific Groundfish Fishery'