UNSW Law & Justice is home to a diverse group of internationally renowned human rights law scholars and practitioners who specialise in a range of topics that focus on the advancement of fundamental human rights. 

At the local level, our academics are experts at understanding the Australian laws protecting human rights, including anti-discrimination and accessibility laws, those concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other considerations that may be faced by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

On the world stage, we consider international human rights law, international human rights treaties, and the role the United Nations plays in the promotion of fundamental freedoms through its universal declaration of human rights.

Our focus includes: 

  • Business and human rights 
  • Children’s rights 
  • Cultural heritage
  • Food security 
  • Gender justice 
  • Health and human rights 
  • Human rights, security and terrorism 
  • Media and human rights  
  • Migrant worker rights 
  • National human rights institutions and legislation 
  • Rights of older persons 
  • Rights of persons with disabilities 
  • Rights of refugees and other forced migrants