2024 +Justice Festival

Law + Justice Festival Hope

The +Justice Festival is back for 2024! This year’s theme is Imagining the Future.

We invite suggestions from staff and students about art and literature – all kinds of books and films, poems and artworks, live performances and exhibitions – that speak to this year’s theme.

The idea behind the +Justice Festival is to get us all thinking broadly about how cultural texts – novels, comedy, music, poems, artworks, TV shows, podcasts, dance – connect to both the +Justice theme and to studying law and criminology. We want to generate intellectual connections amongst students and between students and staff.

The Festival is not an extra assignment! There are definitely no final exams or class participation marks up for grabs! The Festival is an invitation to each and every student to hold next-level conversations, to listen, to think, to talk, and to reflect.

To make your own suggestion for the webpage and to continue the conversation, please email plusjustice@unsw.edu.au and be sure to include your name, your suggested text, and a brief explanation of how your suggested text engages with the theme of imagining the future.

Stay tuned for this year's text recommendations


Wed 27 March | 4 - 5pm | UNSW Bookshop

+Justice Festival - Student Imagining... The Future of Work

The +Justice festival invites Law and criminology students and staff to imagine the future…. In this special bookstore event, Professor Rosalind Dixon invites students to join her in imagining the future of work – its location, distribution, public-private underpinnings and full versus part-time or flexible status.

The event will feature wine, cheese and discussion of Dixon’s ideas about flexible work and fair markets:



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2023 +Justice Festival

The theme for the 2023 +Justice Festival was Hope. View the page here.

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