Our schools

Focusing on the contemporary challenges of our times.

Students studying at UNSW Law Library

UNSW Law & Justice is committed to social justice and human rights, and to making a difference in the world. Working across three schools, our academics are engaged in research and teaching that focuses on the contemporary challenges of our times.

Global and Public Law

At UNSW School of Global and Public Law, our researchers explore a range of topics related to the globalisation of law and the two main branches of Australian public law – constitutional and administrative law.

Law, Society and Criminology

Our school offers law and criminology education for all career stages, with a focus on integration of theory, doctrine, interdisciplinarity and experiential learning in law, society and criminology studies.

Private and Commercial Law

We explore contracts and business transactions, property dealings, the conduct of corporations, financial institutions and trade organisations, and how to resolve personal and commercial disputes.