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Graduates of UNSW Law & Justice have a broad range of career options after university. 

Law graduates can enter the legal profession or pursue careers in business, media, the arts, science, education, engineering, government, the not-for-profit sector and many more. 

A criminology degree can also lead to many different career pathways. Our graduates pursue careers in corrections, criminal investigation, juvenile justice, forensic science, law enforcement, intelligence, and social justice research and policy, to name a few. 

Many students undertake further study, specialising in a particular field or embarking on an academic career which may lead to teaching and/or research, contributing to policy and literature in their field of expertise.  

Among our alumni are judges, barristers and solicitors in leading law firms, as well as social policy researchers and strategists, politicians, entertainers, academics, and some of the most dedicated public and community servants and advocates in Australia, and around the world.

Our dedicated UNSW Law & Justice careers service was established to assist students to make informed decisions about career pathways and employment opportunities in line with their strengths, interests and current market trends. Our Law & Justice Careers Manager has postgraduate degrees in Criminology and Law and draws on her occupational experience in both fields to design resources and programs to support our students’ career development. 

The UNSW Law & Justice careers team collaborates with employers, recruitment agencies and UNSW alumni to advertise a variety of current and exclusive legal and criminology opportunities on the Law & Justice Jobs Board. We also provide resources designed to help students find information on the roles and industries that match their strengths and career goals, as well as offer professional development resources to help them apply for jobs and stand out from other applicants. 

Check out Grad Australia to discover employment opportunities, and visit UNSW Careers to register for career development seminars and learn how to write a standout CV.