Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Tahlia Gordon, ‘Understanding How the Incorporation of a Law Firm Morphs Professionalism’ (supervisors: Justine Rogers/Bronwen Morgan)

    Caterina Guidi, ‘Forest Management, Resilience and Climate Change: An Analysis of Legal and Policy Frameworks in Tasmania and New South Wales’ (supervisors: Cameron Holley/Rosemary Rayfuse/Leon Terrill)

    Alison Henry, 'Regulatory responses to addressing and preventing sexual assault and harassment in Australian university settings' (supervisors: Louise Chappell/Michael Salter/Andrea Durbach)

    Khanh Hoang, 'Our good friends: Community Refugee Sponsorship in Australia' (Supervisors: Jane McAdam/Ros Dixon)

    Tomas Mulder, 'Cooperation and Assistance in Times of Emergency: A Case for Solidarity in International Disaster Response Law ' (supervisors: Sarah Williams/Aline Jaeckel)

    Justin Poonjatt, ‘Using Legal Waivers in Operational-Level Grievance Mechanisms and their impact on Access to Remedies in Business and Human Rights’ (supervisors: Justine Nolan/Jonathan Bonnitcha)

    Kathryn Smithers, ‘Contemporary constructions of ‘sex offenders’: Implications for the governance of known perpetrators living in the NSW community’ (supervisors: Luke McNamara/Julie Stubbs).

    Andy Symington, ‘Landscapes of Transition: State, Company, and Indigenous Community Human Rights Dynamics in South America’s Lithium Triangle’ (supervisors: Justin Nolan/Chris Michaelsen/Caroline van Ham)

    Jayne Weepers, ‘The Land Rights Act and Remote Community Governance: The impacts of fifteen years of land tenure reforms in the Northern Territory’ (supervisors: Leon Terrill/Sean Brennan/Megan Davis)

    Leah Williams, ‘Criminal trials in black and white: Exploring meaning making about defendants and criminal trials in newspaper court reporting narratives in New South Wales’ (supervisors: Jill Hunter/Alyce McGovern)

    Shuo Yang, Reforming the Corporate Governance of Not-for-profit Residential Care Institutions in China (supervisors: Xiaochuan Weng)

    Yuanjun Zeng, 'Participation of Adult Sexual Assault Victims in the Criminal Justice Process: A Comparative Analysis of Approaches in Australia and China’ (Supervisors: Jill Hunter/Tyrone Kirchengast)

  • Azad Ashraful, ' Migrant Agency in the Global South: The Movements of Rohingya in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Malaysia ' (supervisors: Andrew Byrnes/Melissa Crouch)

    Emma Dunlop, ‘Interpreting article 16 of the 1951 Refugee Convention: A study of State obligations to ensure access to courts for asylum seekers and refugees under international law’ (supervisors: Jane McAdam/Melissa Crouch)

    Scott Farrell, ‘Banking on Data: A comparative critique of common-law open banking frameworks’ (supervisors: Ross Buckley/Anton Didenko/Douglas Arner)

    Nana Frishling, 'Beyond the Audit: Multi-stakeholder Initiatives in the apparel industry' (supervisors: Justine Nolan/Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Bronwen Morgan)

    Qi (Belle) Guo, ‘Continuous Disclosure of Chinese Cross-border Listed Companies in Australia: Challenges and Proposals’, (supervisors: Marina Nehme, Xiaochun Weng)

    Tristan Harley, ‘Beyond Storytelling: Refugee Participation in Decision-Making Processes’ (supervisors: Claire Higgins/Guy Goodwin-Gill)

    Sam Hartridge, ‘The rule of law in war: can there be a rule of law regulating the use of lethal force in international armed conflicts, should there be such a rule of law, and to what extent is there one?’ (supervisors: Sarah Williams/Martin Krygier)

    Natalie Hodgson, ‘Offshore Processing Torture: State Crime, Resistance and International Criminal Law’  (supervisors: Sarah Williams/Nicola McGarrity/Mike Grewcock)

    Tamar Hopkins, 'Understanding and preventing racial profiling in Australia' (supervisors: Vicki Sentas/David Dixon)

    Anna Hush, ‘Disarming Dissent: The Institutional Politics of Sexual Violence in the Neoliberal University’ (supervisors: Louise Chappell/Andy Durbach/Nicholas Apoifis)

    Regina Jeffries, ‘Reconceptualising Compliance: Street-Level Bureaucrats and the Implementation of International Law’ (supervisors: Guy Goodwin-Gill/Andrew Byrnes/Claire Higgins)

    Ben Mostyn, ‘Australia, the United Nations, and the War on Drugs: Examining Australia’s Support for the 1988 Drug Convention’ (supervisors: Alex Steel/Caitlin Hughes)

    Jayne O'Connor, 'Social media, courts and community' (Jill Hunter/Daniel Joyce/Kyllie Cripps)

    Xhenyu Xiao, ‘The Evolution of the Settlement of Investor-State Disputes in China’ (supervisors: Heng Wang/Jonathan Bonnitcha)

    Dan Xie, ‘Transnational Due Process and Article V(1)(b) of the New York Convention: Grounding Interpretation and Application of the Due Process Defence in the Public International Law Framework for Treaty Interpretation’ (supervisors: Jonathan Bonnitcha/Lucas Lixinski/Leon Trakman/Jeanne Huang)

    Peicheng Wu, ‘Essence and Extension: When does the Use of Trade Secrets Constitute the Abuse of Market Dominance in China and How Should the Current Approach be Improved? ' (supervisors: Deborah Healey/Xiaochuan Weng/Alexandra George)

    Shangxuan Wu, ‘A Critique of Chinese Dual-Class Structure Listing Regulation: Lessons Learned from Overseas Experiences’ (supervisors: Xiaochuan Weng/ /Marina Nehme/Li Yang)

  • Souheir Edelbi; ‘Colonialism, Race and International Criminal Law: Rereading The Complementarity Principle in the Situations of Kenya and Libya’ (supervisors: Sarah Williams/Fleur Johns)

    Xu (Sophia) Bai; 'Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises: What China Can Learn from the Practice of Competitive Neutrality Policy in Australia' (supervisors: Deborah Healey/Leon Trakman/Heng Wang/Mark Williams)

    Lena Hanifah; ‘Islamic Inheritance Law in Indonesia: The Experiences of Women’ (supervisors: Brendan Edgeworth/Prue Vines)

    Zsofia Korosy; ‘Whaling, Fishing and Conservation in the Pacific: International Law and Oceanic Legal Geography’ (supervisors: Bronwen Morgan/Fleur Johns)

    Huiyang Li; ‘Exploring the Problems of Orphan Films in Australia: A Doctrinal, Empirical and Economic Analysis’ (supervisors: Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler)

    Xun Li; ‘Transnational Hedge Fund Regulation: An Examination of IOSCO’s Initiatives’ (supervisors: Xiaochuan Weng/Fleur Johns/Jianfeng Shen)

    Barbara Mescher; 'Theoritical Legal Ethics: Corporate Lawyers and Aristo-Kantian Moral Philosophies' (supervisors: Dimity Kingsford Smith/Justine Rogers/Hugh Breakey)

    Luke Potter; ‘Decentralized Governance and Disaster Displacement in Pacific Island Microstates: A Case Study of Palau’ (supervisors: Jane McAdam/Melissa Crouch/Sarah Williams)

    Indriaswati Saptaningrum; ‘Understanding Terrorism Sentencing Decisions in Indonesia: A Southern Criminology Approach’ (supervisors: Melissa Couch/Janet Chan)

    Zhuangsi Xu; 'The Implications of International Human Rights Law on China's Protection of Minority Rights' (supervisors: Lucas Lixinski/Melissa Crouch/Janet Chan)

  • Constantine Avgoustinos; 'Climate Change and the Australian Constitution: The Case for the Ecological Limitation' (supervisors: Ben Golder, Gabrielle Appleby, Amelia Thorpe)

    Holly Blackmore; 'Trajectories of Victim Experience: A Study of Post-Traumatic Stress, Growth and Well-Being in the Aftermath of Serious Violent Crime' (supervisors: Janet Chan/Jane Bolitho)

    Lynsey Blayden; 'Conceptions of Democracy and the Administrative State in the shaping of Australian Judicial Review of Administrative Action' (supervisors: Mark Aronson, Gabrielle Appleby)

    Lauren Butterly, 'Reconciling Indigenous and Settler-State Assertions of Sovereignty Over Sea Country in Australia’s Northern Territory' (supervisors: Sean Brennan, Megan Davis, Bronwen Morgan)

    Anna Cody, 'How does clinical legal education contribute to forming reflective, justice-focused lawyers?' (supervisors: Alex Steel/Judith Welch-Wegner)

    Bradley Gooding; 'Plurality in Legal Reasoning: The Place of Value Pluralism in Theories of Law and Adjudication' (supervisors: Marc De Leeuw, Arthur Glass)

    Patrick Martin, 'The Changing Climate of Development: REDD+ in Papua New Guinea' (supervisors: Cameron Holley/Gary Edmond)

    Milda Istiqomah, 'Understanding Terrorism Sentencing Decisions in Indonesia: A Southern Criminology Approach' (supervisors: Melissa Crouch/Janet Chan)

    Seiko Yamamoto, 'Conceptions of Human Dignity and their Impacts on hES Cell Research Regulation in France and Japan', (supervisors: Christopher Michaelsen, Lyria Bennett Moses, Rosemary Rayfuse)

  • Armin Alimardani, 'An Empirical Study of the Use of Neuroscientific Evidence in Sentencing in New South Wales, Australia' (supervisors: Gary Edmond/Allan McCay/Marc De Leuuw)

    Abu Bangura, 'The development of the concept of protection of civilians' (supervisors: Sarah Williams/Lucas Lixinski)

    Sophie Burbidge, ’Regulating stored valued facilities in Australia: Review and proposal for reform’ (supervisors: Ross Buckley/Jonathan Bonnitcha/Douglas Arner)

    Melanie Burton, 'The characteristics and classification of undetected child sex offenders' (Anne Cossins/Jesse Cale)

    Jason Donnelly, 'Re-shaping separation of powers in Australia - the non-justicable nature of the national interest' (Greg Weeks/Daniel Joyce/Simon Halliday)

    Carolyn Evans, 'Accountability of the UN Security Council in public international law' (supervisors: Christopher Michaelsen/Martin Krygier)

    Marie Hadley, ‘Protection of indigenous cultural expressions by intellectual property law’ (Kathy Bowrey/Ben Golder)

    Mark Hamilton, ‘Restorative justice intervention in an environmental and planning law context: Multiple perspectives’ (Cameron Holley/Jane Bolitho)

    Harry Hobbs, 'Including Indigenous Peoples in the processes of settler state government: Evaluating an Indigenous parliament' (supervisors: George Williams/Megan Davis)

    Jessica Hudson, 'Understanding the Equitable VIndicatio' (Simone Degeling/Keith Mason)

    Kayleen Manwaring, 'How Australian law does and should regulate the use of mobile and ubiquitous information technologies in commercial activities' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Leon Trakman/Roger Clarke)

    Megan McElhone, 'Does the NSW Police Force's Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad compromise the implementation of community policing?' (Michael Grewcock/Vicki Sentas/David Dixon)

    Paul Millar, ‘Finance and international human rights: socially responsible investment as a vehicle for the protection of international human rights’ (supervisors: Justine Nolan/Leon Trakman)

    Aya Omran, 'Incorporating gender inequality in the future criminal framework of Palestine to combat honour-based violence: A comparative study' (supervisors: Luke McNamara/Anthony Billingsley/Gary Edmond)

    Malory Plummer, 'Theorising child sexual abuse: When does victim become offender?' (Anne Cossins/Janet Chan)

  • Mohammad Abualrob, 'The role of the constitutional courts in democratic consolidation' (supervisors: Theunis Roux/Martin Krygier)

    Bander Alsaif, ‘Two sides of the Saudi public policy coin: Reconciling domestic and transnational values in recognition and enforcement of international commercial arbitration awards’ (supervisors: Leon Trakman/Alexandra George)

    Dora Anthony, 'The human rights principle of indivisibility and its ideological significance in the contemporary age' (supervisors: Ben Golder/Andrew Byrnes)

    Louise Buckingham, ‘Copyright and indigenous works: A comparative analysis (old –new: Interrogating international IP institutions: Neo-colonialism and the development of a culture of Indigenous-IP legal space’ (supervisors: Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler)

    Shipra Chrodia, 'Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law' (supervisors: George Williams/Andrew Lynch)

    Jason Donnelly, ‘Use of National Interest criterion in Commonwealth legislation - Suggested reforms for greater accountability in executive decision-making’ (supervisors: Simon Halliday/Daniel Joyce/Greg Weeks)

    Doron Goldbarsht, 'Counter terrorist financing – a study in effectiveness and the Rule of Law In Global Administrative Law' (supervisors: Chris Michaelsen/Rosalind Dixon/Andrew Byrnes)

    Peng Guo, 'The principle of good faith in long-term relational supply contract under changed circumstances in the CISG and the UNIDROIT Principles' (supervisors: Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage)

    Jarra Hicks, ‘Community power: understanding the outcomes and impacts from community-owned wind energy in small regional communities’ (supervisors: Bronwen Morgan/Susan Thompson)

    Amrita Kapur, 'The complementarity paradigm as a catalyst for national prosecutions of sexual violence: Preliminary examinations and their effects in Colombia and Guinea' (supervisors: Andrew Byrnes/Sarah Williams)

    Susanne Lloyd-Jones, ‘From government to governance? Administering communications sector security in the era of convergence and global terrorism’ (supervisors: Kathy Bowrey/Derek Wilding)

    Nahed Odeh, 'Constitutional design options for state formation in Palestine' (supervisors: Theunis Roux/Arthur Glass)

    Fadi Rabia, 'Police corruption in Palestine: Challenges and remedies' (supervisors: David Dixon/Janet Chan)

    Bhatara Ibnu Reza, 'The development of the state-sponsored militia as the implementation of the total people's defence and security system in Indonesia' (supervisors: Rosalind Dixon/Lucas Lixinski/Andrew Byrnes)

    Louis Schetzer, 'Domestic human rights charters and the outsourced State’ (supervisors: Andrew Byrnes/Andrea Durbach)

    Nobumichi Teramura; ‘Courts and international arbitration: A comparative and critical analysis’ (supervisors: Leon Trakman/Luke Nottage)

    Ngoc Thuan Hoang, 'China's lawsuits against the double remedies issue of the US and practical applications for Vietnam' (supervisors: Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/Weihuan Zhou)

    Tamara Wood, ‘In search of the African refugee – Article I(2) of the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa' (supervisors: Jane McAdam/Sarah Williams)

    Stephen Young, 'The legal performativity of Indigenous Peoples' free prior and informed consent' (supervisors: Ben Golder/Fleur Johns)

  • Hadeel Al-Alosi, 'Fantasy Crime' (supervisors: Alana Maurushat/Alex Steel)

    Ahmed Beshtawi, 'Managing water under occupation: The case of Palestine' (supervisors: Theunis Roux/Anthony Billingsley/Abdallah M.Abu-Eid)

    Peter Blanchard, 'Government industry partnerships in WTO litigation – a comparative analysis: Australia and the USA' (supervisors: Colin Picker/Lisa Toohey/Ross Buckley)

    Gabriela Cuadrado, 'Governing the misunderstood and hidden natural resource.  Implementing the principles of sustainability and participation in groundwater governance practice' (supervisors: Rosemary Rayfuse/Cameron Holley)

    Huiqin Jiang, ‘The foreign investment review system in Australia: its approach to foreign investments from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in comparison to similar investors from other countries’ (supervisors: Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Colin Picker)

    Sela Moa, ‘A human rights’ based approach to women’s land rights in Tonga’ (supervisors: Christine Forster/Janice Gray)

    Emma Palmer, 'International criminal law in South East Asia: Beyond the International Criminal Court' (supervisors: Andrew Byrnes/Sarah Williams)

    Sally Richards, 'The acquisition and circulation of legal knowledge in merits review' (supervisors: Theunis Roux/Arthur Glass/Simon Halliday)

    Rodrigo Sales, ‘Proposal for an emissions trading framework for Brazil which favours greenhouse gases – emission reduction trading and future integration with other national, regional and international emission trading and environmental schemes. Lessons from the Australian Trading Scheme development experience’ (supervisors: Rosemary Rayfuse/David Freestone)

    Chenxi Wang, 'WTO litigation and preferential trade agreement – two forces changing China's legal policy' (supervisors: Leon Trakman/Bruno Zeller)

    Scarlet Wilcock, 'How to catch a welfare cheat: policing welfare fraud in Australia' (supervisors: Julie Stubbs/Alex Steel)

    Amanda Wilson, 'A recipe for inequality? Gender and therapeutic jurisprudence in criminal justice' (supervisors: Julie Stubbs/Eileen Baldry)

  • Hannah Harris, 'Transnational anti-corruption law in the Pacific' (supervisors: Sarah Williams/Michael Grewcock)

    Jacklyn Hartley, ‘Consultation, consent and the rights of Indigenous peoples to their lands, territories and resources’ (supervisors: Sean Brennan/Megan Davis/Theunis Roux)

    Grant Hooper, 'Through the Migration Act looking glass: can procedural fairness be distinguished by a legislative code – towards the waterfall of invalidity' (supervisors: Mark Aronson/Arthur Glass/Rosalind Dixon)

    Katharine Kemp, 'Australia's rejection of the Effects Test for misuse of market power: Lone genius or outdated anomaly?' (supervisors: Ross Buckley/Rhonda Smith)

    Pervaiz Khan, 'Effective utilisation of WTO dispute settlement system by Pakistan: a public-private partnership approach' (supervisors: Leon Trakman/Lisa Toohey)

    Karen Lee, ‘Legitimacy in the new regulatory state’ (supervisors: Kathy Bowrey/Angus Corbett/Lesley Hitchens)

    Katherine McFarlane, ‘An examination of the trajectories and drift of children in care to the criminal justice system in NSW’ (supervisors: Julie Stubbs/Eileen Baldry)

    James Metzger, ‘Reformation of civil procedure rules to enhance access to justice in Australian Federal courts’ (supervisors: Gary Edmond/Michael Legg)

    Jennifer Norberry, ‘Law and national security crisis – contemporary Australian perspective’ (supervisors: George Williams/Andrew Lynch)

Master of Laws by Research (LLM by Research)

  • Robin Hamper; 'Software Bug Bounties and the Legal Risks to Security Researchers' (supervisors: Leon Trakman/Alana Maurushat/Richard Buckland)

  • Ilan Lewis, ‘Sussing out the vibe – federal property acquisition and the search for a principled approach to the scope of the just terms proviso in S51 (xxxi) of the Australian Constitution’ (supervisors: Theunis Roux/Brendan Edgeworth)

Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD)

  • Fritz Siregar, 'Constitutional politics in Indonesia' (Theunis Roux/Simon Butt). View thesis.