Current research candidates

  • Supervisor's name in brackets

    Joshua Aird, ‘Increasing Legislative Accountability to Protect Human Rights: A Proposal for New Zealand’, (Rosalind Dixon/Janina Boughey)

    Tomas Alarcon; 'The role of lawyers in the Australian climate movement: from challenging government decision-making to becoming a pedagogical device' (Marc De Leeuw/Amelia Thorpe/Bronwen Morgan)

    Ayla Do Vale Alves, 'Indigenous cultural rights and freedom of expression: (solving) a tension of rights within cultural appropriation' (Lucas Lixinski/Noam Peleg)

    Siddharth Narrain Arcot Ananth, ‘Hate Speech Online and Data Virality in the Global South’ (Fleur Johns/Daniel Joyce/Luke McNamara)

    Azad Ashraful, 'States and unauthorised migration: the movement of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh to Malaysia' (Andrew Byrnes/Melissa Crouch)

    Ajibade Atobatele, ‘Corporate pillage: regulating corporate exploitation in armed conflict’, (Sarah Williams/Justine Nolan)

    Sai Aung, ‘The limits of 'Law and Development': The case of banking reform in Myanmar’ (Melissa Crouch/Rosemary Rayfuse)

    Arpan Banerjee, 'The law as an invisible screenwriter' (Kathy Bowrey/Michael Handler/Catherine Bond)

    Brian Barbour, ‘Building National Asylum Systems from the Ground Up’ (Guy Goodwin-Gill/Sangeetha Pillai)

    Carley Bartlett, ‘Environmental knowledge, science and law: PFAS contamination in Australia’ (Cameron Holley/Gary Edmond)

    Marijke Bassani, 'Indigenous Australian conceptualisations of gender and sexuality' (Christine Forster/Kyllie Cripps/Matthew Ball)

    Alice Bleby, ‘Rights for Nature, Environmental Law and Protecting the New Earth’ (Cameron Holley/Marc De Leeuw/Rosemary Rayfuse)

    Zvi Berkovic, ‘The International Criminal Court and Israel, friends or foes: The International Criminal Court on Trial' (Sarah Williams/Lucas Lixinski/Anthony Billingsley)

    Katharine Booth, ‘From the `junkyard of remedy' to effective remedy for business-related human rights abuses: The contribution of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises’, (Justine Nolan/Brooke Marshall/Joseph Wilde-Ramsing)

    Daniel Cater, 'Data Privacy and National Security Powers: The theoretical and practical impact of citizenship and location' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Lucas Lixinski/Janet Chan)

    John Chellew, 'Financial Derivatives versus Gambling: Where Should Australia Draw the Legal/Regulatory Dividing Line? A Comparative Analysis of Australia's Law and Practice with that in the US and UK' (Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Scott Donald)

    Genna Churches, 'Government data surveillance: A necessary tool in the prevention of terrorism' (Gabrielle Appleby/Paul Kildea)

    Hugh Dillon, ‘The NSW Coronial System and Its Death Prevention Function: An Empirical Evaluation’ (Jennifer Moore/Bronwen Morgan/Julie Stubbs)

    Bruce Duncan; ‘Chinese ICT legislative framework revision in response to technological evolution; a comparative with United States course’ (Heng Wang/Kayleen Manwaring/Guido Noto La Diega)

    Emma Dunlop, 'Justice in Exile: A study of States’ obligations to ensure refugees’ access to courts under international law’ (Jane McAdam/Melissa Crouch)

    Nikki Dryden, ‘How can the Olympic Movement reconcile the autonomy of sport with the international legal interventions needed to ensure the sports arbitration system can address the human rights claims of athletes?’ (Justine Nolan/Deborah Healey)

    Scott Farrell, 'Discovering the legal principles for effective Open Banking. A comparative common-law cross-border critique' (Ross Buckley/Anton Didenko/Douglas Arner)

    Leah Findlay, 'Be afraid - or very entertained: Media coverage of criminal trials and consumption of crime' (Jill Hunter/Alyce McGovern)

    John Fitzgerald, 'Drawing and counting legislation - will it help?' (Lyria Bennett Moses/Thomas Britz/Ben Hachey)

    Alexandre Fleck, 'Social media, courts and community' (Jill Hunter/Daniel Joyce/Lyria Bennett Moses)

    Nana Frishling, 'Beyond the Audit: Multi-stakeholder Initiatives and the Challenges of Human Rights Protection' (Justine Nolan/Dimity Kingsford-Smith/Bronwen Morgan)

    Joshua Gibson, 'Institutionalising human rights in the court? Constructing an account of the role and influence of national human rights' institutions as Amicus Curiae' (Gabrielle Appleby/Sean Brennan)

    Kristyn Glanville, ‘Water law, crime and security: ensuring fair access for all’ (Cameron Holley/John Carr/Tariro Mutongwizo)

    Madeline Gleeson, 'Refugee protection and shared state responsibility in the Asia Pacific: A conceptual framework for accountability under international law' (Jane McAdam/Guy Goodwin-Gill)

    Tahlia Gordon, 'The social value of alternate business structures: An empirical evaluation on the impact of incorporated legal practices on access to legal services in NSW' (Justine Rogers/Bronwen Morgan)

    Caterina Guidi, 'Integrating climate change adaptation actions into national forest laws in Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region' (Cameron Holley/Rosemary Rayfuse/Leon Terrill)

    Thea Gumbert-Jourjon, 'Unreasonable doubts? Improving juror decision-making and comprehension le legal procedures in child sexual abuse trials' (Luke McNamara/Annie Cossins/Jane Goodman-Delahunty)

    Qi (Belle) Guo, ‘Information Disclosure of Cross-border Companies: Enlightenment to China and Reform Proposals’ (Marina Nehme/Xioachuan Weng)

    Aidan Hammerschmid, ‘Exclusion from refugee protection: Individual responsibility for contravening the purposes and principles of the United Nations.' (Sarah Williams/Sangeetha Pillai)

    Jodie Hampson, ‘Enabling Cooperative Platform Economies: Tools, Rules and Practices’ (Bronwen Morgan/Amelia Thorpe/Andrew Murphie)

    Samara Hand, ‘This research seeks to contribute to the growing field of genocide studies by examining how a genocide lens can be useful in understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ right to education’, (Sarah Williams/Lucas Lixinski/Kevin Lowe)

    Tristan Harley, 'Overcoming impasse through innovation? The search for new comprehensive solutions to large scale refugee movements' (Claire Higgins/Guy Goodwin-GIll)

    Samuel Hartridge, 'Coercive preventive measures in Australia' (Sarah Williams/Martin Krygier)

    Deborah Hartstein, ‘The law and political economy of online platform technologies as implemented in food retail outlets’ (Bronwen Morgan/Amy Cohen)

    Nur Rena Hasimi, ‘Slowing the March Towards Ecological Collapse: The Public Trust Doctrine as a Potential Legal Tool’ (Cameron Holley/Janice Gray)

    Paul Hayes, ‘The post-1901 history of military callouts to aid Australian governments. Certain 'domestic emergency' case studies are to be examined e.g. 1949 Coal Strike, 1978 CHOGRM bombing and 1989 Airline Pilots Dispute’, (Catherine Bond/Sarah Williams)

    Allison Henry, ‘Regulatory responses to addressing and preventing sexual assault and harassment in Australian university settings’ (Louise Chappell/Michael Salter/Andy Durbach)

    Martin Hill, ‘How Australian courts weigh contextual factors when interpreting legislation’ (Lisa Crawford/Prue Vines)

    Khanh Hoang, 'Cooperation and compliance in international refugee law: A rational choice approach' (Jane McAdam/Rosalind Dixon)

    Natalie Hodgson, 'Supranational criminal law and its application to complex criminal trials' (Sarah Williams/Nicola McGarrity/Mike Grewcock)

    Tamar Hopkins, 'Understanding and preventing racial profiling by police in Australia' (Vicki Sentas/David Dixon)

    Shakhawat Hossein, ‘Social Media and Judges' Privacy in the Digital Era: Implications for the Justice System’, (Gabrielle Appleby/Janina Boughey)

    Anna Hush, 'Exploring and evaluating cultural change as a mechanism for responding to sexual violence in Australian university communities' (Louise Chappell/Andy Durbach/Nicholas Apoifis)

    Regina Jeffries, 'Reimagining refoulment: Developing an evidence-based strategy to ensure domestic compliance with international refugee law (Andrew Byrnes/Guy Goodwin-Gill/Claire Higgins)

    Noah Jenkins, 'Commercial arbitrataion and its relations with the public function of the law' (Heng Wang/Brooke Marshall/Leon Trakman)

    Christopher (Chris) Kelly, “Mapping the existing institutional and fiduciary framework and capacity in the Pacific for the use of blended finance to decarbonise shipping the Pacific and the reforms and policy framework required to achieve that’ (Cameron Holley/Iain MacGill/Ben Milligan)

    Angela Kintominas, ‘The Uberisation of Care? The Gig-economy, Gender, Migration and Care’ (Louise Chappell/Amy Cohen/Bronwen Morgan)

    Simon Lacey, ‘Success and failure in the race to coordinate domestic policies, regulatory frameworks and institutions to the realities of the 21st century trading system: Australia and its regional trade partners’ (Heng Wang/ Weihuan Zhou)

    Ana Lenard-Sokorac, ‘Alternative dispute resolution as a tool of social dominance in Aotearoa New Zealand and how we can reclaim it’, (Fleur Johns/Amy CohenAnna Hood)

    Xun Li, 'Legal aspects of hedge fund regulation after the global crisis' (Xiaochuan Weng/Fleur Johns/Jianfeng Shen)

    David Lusty, 'Reconciling a fair trial under the accusatorial system of criminal justice with the use of evidence lawfully compelled from an accused' (Jill Hunter/Lisa Crawford)

    Diogo De Oliveira Machado, 'International Cultural Heritage Law in Times of Insecurity' (Lucas Lixinski/Sarah Williams/Scott East)

    Peta Macgillivray, ‘Children and young people with mental and cognitive impairment in the juvenile justice system in NSW), (Luke McNamara/Kyllie Cripps)

    Camille Malafosse, ‘The challenges of international responsibility sharing for refugees and internally displaced persons: A global framework for corporate autonomy in humanitarian matters?’ (Claire Higgens/Guy Goodwin-Gill)

    Millicent McCreath, ‘International Law for the marine environment in the Anthropocene’ (Rosemary Rayfuse/Natalie Klein/Jonathan Bonnitcha)

    Chris McElwain, 'Using Smart Regulation to reduce food waste' (Cameron Holley/Rosemary Rayfuse)

    Riona Moodley, '"Extraterritorial processing" of asylum seekers outside the European Union: A panacea for the future' (Jane McAdam/Justine Nolan)

    Jason Moore, ‘Neurophysical responsibility, mental health and youth detention’ (Marc De Leeuw/Tony Butler/Gary Edmond)

    Mary Morrisroe, 'Profitability in the Russian oil industry: The effect of the rule of law' (Jonathan Bonnitcha/Brendan Edgeworth/Martin Krygier)

    Ben Mostyn, 'Cracks in the Global Prohibition Regime: Losing Consensus in the United Nations Drug Treaties and its Implications on Australian Law' (Alex Steel/Caitlin Hughes)

    Thomas Mulder, 'International Disaster Relief Law: The role of international law in times of catastrophe' (Sarah Williams/Aline Jaeckel)

    Chun Wai (Clem) Ng, ‘Aboriginal self-determination and the justice context: legal pluralism, criminal jurisdiction and decarceration strategies’ (Jill Hunter/Vicki Sentas/Kyllie Cripps)

    Ka Chun (Eric) Ng, ‘Do the regulatory changes of the recommendations in the final report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry in relation to insurance go far enough?’, (Scott Donald/Marina Nehme)

    Jayne O'Connor, 'Social media, courts and community' (Jill Hunter/Daniel Joyce/Kyllie Cripps)

    Jonathan O’Donohue, ‘Human rights compliance of the International Criminal Court’ (Sarah Williams/Christine Forster/Christoph Sperfeldt)

    Hui Pang, ‘China international business and economic law’ (Xiaochuan Weng/Heng Wang/Lucas Lixinski)

    Samuel Pascoe, ‘The great war of ideas - A review into national security communications’ (Alyce McGovern/Srinjoy Bose)

    Chris Pearce, 'The relationship between equity and statute: Exploring the relationship between these two different bodies of law, and developing a taxonomy to rationalise the ways in which, and the reasons why, equitable principles intersect with statute' (Simone Degeling/Michael CrawfordAllison Silink)

    Bruno Pegorari, ‘The Function of Remedies in International Law: Unity in Diversity?’ (Natalie Klein/Jonathan Bonnitcha/Lucas Lixinski)

    Elisabeth Perham, ‘Donor Constitutionalism: The Role of Donor Finance in Constitution Making in Small Developing States’ (Rosalind Dixon/Jonathan Bonnitcha)

    Trang Van Phan, ‘Human rights, corporations and the question of duty-bearing capacity: a re-theorisation of duty-bearing in international human rights law’ (Ben Golder/Fleur Johns)

    Christian Ponce Terrazas, 'The foreign law debate' (Theunis Roux/Arthur Glass)

    Justin Poonjatt, 'Business and human rights' (Justine Nolan/Jonathan Bonnitcha)

    Sonia Qadir, ‘Security, Precarious Populations and the Neoliberal Age’ (Daniel McLoughlin/Ben Golder/Vicki Sentas)

    Fleur Ramsay, 'Sovereign pleasures and prohibitions - Law and law-breaking in the prohibition era in the USA (1919-1933)' (Ben Golder/Vicki Sentas)

    Rachel Ravagnani, 'International legal regime on renewable energy: Environmental, economic and energetic challenges from the perspective of international law (Cameron Holley/Rosemary Rayfuse)

    Paolo Remati, 'The digital dreaming dilemma: Australian intellectual property, expert opinion evidence and protecting ICIP rights' (Alexandra George/Natalie Stoianoff/Dimity Kingsford-Smith).

    Priscilla Rivas, ‘Considerations for Implementation of the Agreement on Port State Measures – Experiences in the Pacific Islands’ (Natalie Klein/Ben Milligan).

    Jemimah Roberts, 'Constitutional Interpretation in the High Court: Revisiting Genealogical, Genetic and Functional Comparison' (Rosalind Dixon/Gabrielle Appleby)

    Simone Rowe, ‘People with cognitive disability and complex support needs - voices in policy and practice’ (Phillip Wadds/Eileen Baldry/Leanne DowseAngela Dew)

    Stefan Skopelja, 'Rethinking causation: From theory to practice' (Marc De Leeuw/Arthur Glass/Keith Mason)

    Angela Smith, 'Security, Precarious Populations and the Neoliberal Age’ (Daniel McLoughlin/Ben Golder/Vicki Sentas)

    Shreeya Smith, 'Asylum seekers, mandatory detention and constitutional limits on the exercise of non-statutory executive power' (Rosalind Dixon/Gabrielle Appleby)

    Kathryn Smithers, 'Perceptions of NSW police officers about the approach, operation and effectiveness of the NSW Child Protection Register' (Luke McNamara/ Anne Cossins/Julie Stubbs)

    Chhunvvoleak Srun, ‘The Caseload Issue in Cambodian First Instance Courts: Lesson Learned from Japanese and Australian Judiciary’ (Melissa Crouch/James Metzger/Jill Hunter)

    Sriram Srikumar, ‘The legal treatment of "formless" data used in automated decision systems’, (Katharine Kemp/Lyria Bennett Moses)

    Andy Symington, 'An examination of risk and success factors affecting transnational corporate respect for human rights' law in select sectors in Latin America' (Justine Nolan/Chris Michaelson/Caroline van Ham)

    Amrita Tarr, ‘The crisis of human rights’ (Ben Golder/Jessica Whyte/Daniel McLoughlin)

    Kazi Ashraf Uddin; ‘Defining South Asian Transgenderism: Quest for a Queer Methodology through Disability Studies’ (Andy Kaladelfos/Joyce Wu)

    Alanna Van der Veen, 'Killing time: The challenges of reforming unreasonable criminal trial delay' (Jill Hunter/Nicholas Cowdery/Justine Rogers)

    Suzanne Varrall, ‘Corporate accountability for international arms transfers' (Sarah Williams/Justine Nolan/Daniel Joyce)

    Jayne Weepers, 'Supporting economic development on indigenous land' (Leon Terrill/Sean Brennan/Megan Davis)

    Oxana Wolfson, 'Proposed Solutions to Potential Legal Violations by the Private Sector Involved in International Water Trade, Infrastructure Financing, and Utility Delivery' (Fleur Johns/Amelia Thorpe/Weihuan Zhou)

    Xhenyu Xiao, 'The Chinese approach to recalibration of international investment law' (Heng Wang/Jonathan Bonnitcha)

    Dan Xie, 'Due Process Defence to Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards under the New York Convention: A Global Perspective in Theory and Practice' (Jonathan Bonnitcha/Lucas Lixinski/Leon Trakman/Jeanne Huang)

    Natasha Yacoub, ‘Rights adrift: A study of the international legal obligations on states to protect refugee women and girls from risks on the high seas’ (Jane McAdam/Christine Forster)

    Shuo Yang, 'Reforming Corporate Governance Laws of Chinese Non-profit Residential Care Institutions: Theoretical and Practical Considerations' (Xiaochuan Weng/Marina Nehme)

    Thi Hoang Anh Vo, ‘Maritime law enforcement forces in disputed waters: The interplay of international humanitarian law and the law of the sea’, (Natalie Klein/Sarah Williams)

    Alison Whittaker, ‘Aboriginal self-determination and the justice context: legal pluralism, criminal jurisdiction and decarceration strategies’ (Jill Hunter/Vicki Sentas/Kyllie Cripps)

    Ayesha Wijayalath ‘A liberal response to populist constitutionalism’ (Theunis Roux/Rosalind Dixon/Melissa Crouch)

    Peicheng Wu, 'The relationship between the Anti-Unfair Competition Act and the Anti-Monopoly Law of China in the context of Intellectual Property' (Deborah Healey/Xiaochuan Weng/Alexandra George)

    Shangxuan Wu, ‘CSR institutionalization and CSR indices construction: From a China-Australia comparison perspective’ (Xiaochuan Weng/Li Yang/Marina Nehme)

    Sarah Wyatt, 'Safeguarding the independence of integrity agencies in Australia' (Janina Boughey/Gabrielle Appleby)

    Yuanjun Zeng, 'Victim participation in the criminal process: A comparative analysis of approaches in China' (Jill Hunter/Tyrone Kirchengast)

  • Supervisor's name in brackets