Alanna Van der Veen

Alanna Van der Veen

PhD Candidate
Bachelor of Arts (University of Newcastle); Bachelor of Laws / Diploma of Legal Practice (Honours Class I) (University of Newcastle); Masters of Law (University of New South Wales)

Alanna’s PhD research examines unreasonable trial delay in the criminal justice system.  In particular, Alanna’s research focuses on the effect that legal culture can have on creating an environment where unreasonable trial delay can thrive.  The effect that the common law plays in creating such a legal culture is explored.

Research topic

Killing Time: The Challenges of Reforming Unreasonable Criminal Trial Delay


Areas of interest

Criminal law and process; evidence law; advocacy; legal research and writing; comparative criminal justice


30 March 2022: Hunter Valley Law Society

‘Raising the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility’


Presenter: Podcast

November 2021: University of New South Wales, Centre for Crime, Law and Justice

‘Talking About Justice: Covid and Justice: Perspectives from the Courts, Prosecution and Defence’



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