Global and Public Law

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Welcome from the Head of School 

Law & Justice’s new School of Global and Public Law draws on the faculty’s strengths in international and comparative law and Australian public law. In everything we do, we seek to combine sound analytic frameworks with practical approaches that make a meaningful difference to the world. 

Our outlook is socially and politically progressive. We're conscious of the role law has sometimes played in supporting unjust social and economic power relations, and we're open to law’s transformative potential as a vehicle for social justice. 

Our students benefit from the experience of some of the world’s leading public law and comparative and international law researchers, whose passion for scholarship is matched by their dedication to stimulating, interactive teaching.

- Professor Theunis Roux, Head of School

About us

National legal systems are still distinct in many ways. The way society sees the law makes them culturally distinct and the way law is practised makes them institutionally distinct. At the same time, national legal systems today are influenced by each other and the complex array of global legal frameworks. 

Our academics in the School of Global & Public Law explore a range of topics related to the globalisation of law and the two main branches of Australian public law – constitutional and administrative law. 

Representative research projects at the School of Global and Public Law include:

  • the impact of automated decision-making on administrative justice 

  • the international regulation of seabed mining

  • the enforcement of investment treaties 

  • children’s rights

  • the protection in international and Australian law of the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and those displaced by climate change and disasters 

  • the interaction between international human rights law and media law

  • the relationship between data privacy, competition law and consumer protection 

  • international law and the use of armed force

  • constitutional reform in response to the call for recognition of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. 

Study with us

From domestic constitutional and administrative law to international and comparative law, we provide a research-based, practically oriented legal education with a commitment to law and justice.

Our research

Our academics at UNSW School of Global and Public Law pursue a range of research projects under the broad umbrella of global and public law.

Our people

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