Law & Justice Textbook Access Scheme

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The Textbook Access Scheme supports the inclusion and success of students from particular equity groups enrolled in the Faculty’s undergraduate and Juris Doctor programs.

UNSW Law & Justice is proud to partner with leading law firms to offer both a financial contribution towards textbook purchases and provide law students with the opportunity to apply for a paid professional internship with the partner firms. 

Eligibility has been determined by one or more of the following:

  1. Australian Government indices of relative advantage and disadvantage based on a student's residential address as recorded by UNSW Sydney at the time of admission and/or

  2. Admissions data relating to UNSW Gateway Schools and/or

  3. Financial and related disadvantage as assessed via UAC's Educational Access Schemes.

Identified students will receive a notification of eligibility via email and can access the textbook grant simply by completing the online form provided in the notification.

Paid Professional Work Experience Opportunity

Our partners in this scheme are enthusiastic about offering professional development opportunities to participating law students. This opportunity is available via an application process and will comprise of the following:

  • A paid internship in a firm
  • Mentoring sessions, with a representative from the firm, over the duration of the internship
  • Professional development support from the UNSW Law & Justice Careers Service throughout the recruitment process and internship placement

This is an amazing opportunity to experience a professional work environment, start building a supportive network in the profession and develop a wide range of skills that will enhance your career journey!

Students studying the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice are encouraged to apply to undertake professional work experience via the UNSW Co-NNECTIONS Program

For more information

Students wishing to learn more about how to access the textbooks, either in person or online, or find out further information about the paid professional internship opportuntities, please click the button below.