Refine your professional skills through a variety of options such as mooting, mediation and negotiation.

Jessie at the Mooting competition

Our UNSW Law & Justice competitions further develop an understanding of legal issues in practice and equip students with strong analytical, teamwork and communication skills. Students can be involved in competitions through the faculty for course credit in international competitions or through UNSW Law Society for skill development and domestic competitions.

International competitions 

The International Competitions Program was the first of its kind in Australia. This proud history continues, as each year our best and brightest travel around Australia and the world – or participate globally online – to match wits with their international peers. It provides a select group of students with the opportunity to prepare and conduct a mock case before an international tribunal or mediate in an international setting.

Competitions include: 

  • Jessup International Law Moot Competition
  • Vis International Commercial Arbitration Competition
  • Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition
  • International Criminal Court Moot
  • ELSA World Trade Organisation Moot Court Competition
  • ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition
  • Oxford International Intellectual Property Moot


International Competitions are open to Bachelor of Laws (Double degree) and Juris Doctor students who have completed all, or the majority of, the core courses and have met the course prerequisites listed in the UNSW Handbook. The course is subject to a selection process and enrolment is by course authority.

When do the international competitions run? 

The majority of the work for competitions will be undertaken over Term 3, Summer and Term 1. Due to COVID-19, scheduling may be different to previous years. Please visit MyLaw or contact student services for more information. 

How to apply

There is an application period for all international competitions. Students must apply during the application period for their applications to be considered. To view information and dates for the application period, please visit MyLaw or contact student services.

Relevant courses

LAWS3510/JURD7610 International Commercial Mediation Competition

LAWS3086/JURD7486 International Law Competitive Moot

UNSW Law Society Competitions

The UNSW Law Society organises mooting and negotiation, mediation, client interviewing, and witness examination (collectively "skills") competitions that are available to all students studying law, irrespective of the stage of their degree. By participating in these competitions, students can develop skills in legal research and writing, as well as communication and strategic thinking skills required in various legal and commercial careers. The UNSW Law Society provides development support for all students through workshops and training resources, and also facilitates student participation in various domestic and international intervarsity competitions.  

Information about the UNSW Law Society competitions can be found by joining the UNSW Law Society and following @unswlawsoc on their social media platforms.

  • Mooting is a simulated court proceeding, for which competitors are given a scenario and are required to research the relevant area of law to develop legal arguments for their hypothetical client. After completing written submissions, competitors present their arguments in a court-like situation before a ‘judge’ or ‘arbitrator’. Mooting provides competitors with the fantastic opportunity to experience what life will be like as a legal practitioner, representing a client in the context of adversarial proceedings. 

    Participation in mooting competitions can provide amazing opportunities, from meeting and working with colleagues through to participating in local and national events to international competitions in places such as Vienna and Washington DC.

    The competitions run by the UNSW Law Society (LawSoc) cater to a range of skill levels from beginners to the advanced. 

  • Negotiation involves two parties attempting to resolve a dispute, out-of-court;

    Mediation involves two negotiating parties, assisted by an impartial, third-party - the mediator;

    Client Interviewing involves two lawyers interviewing a client to understand their legal issue and needs; and

    Witness examination which simulates a criminal trial and involves parties appearing as the prosecution and defence to examine witnesses in chief and cross. 

“Mooting is a fantastic experience, being one of the only opportunities in the faculty to practise legal advocacy in a court-like setting. It has provided me with numerous opportunities, such as speaking before Judges of the New South Wales Supreme Court, New South Wales Court of Appeal and Federal Court. Mooting not only provides a chance to refine your understanding of class content, but also to develop crucial skills, including speaking skills, legal research and developing legal arguments.”

Major Zhang, Commerce/Law Student