We offer a range of scholarships at UNSW Law & Justice which help disadvantaged domestic and international students to partake in a range of study opportunities. 

AMP Capital Law Equity Scholarship Established to support students undertaking the UNSW Law Juris Doctor degree $10,000
Daniel Solomons Memorial Scholarship To encourage students to undertake an undergraduate dual degree in the Faculty of Law & Justice at UNSW $4500
Dorothy Hughes Memorial Scholarship To support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking study in the Faculty of Law & Justice $1500
Hal Wootten 50th Anniversary Scholarship Students experiencing adversity or disadvantage TBC
Joan Brown Memorial Scholarship Established to assist a female high school leaver student with financial assistance to undertake undergraduate study in law at UNSW $6000
John Kirkwood Scholarship To assist students who may be experiencing financial difficulty $4000
John M. Green Scholarships in Law Students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds $20,000
Joy van Ardenne Memorial Award For students to gain direct exposure to different styles of lawyering in practice $1000
Judge Bob Bellear Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship for Law For Aboriginal students $10,000
Judge Bob Bellear Endowed Residential Scholarship For Aboriginal students and includes accommodation at Shalom College TBC
Lilian Cohen Memorial Award To make the study of law more accessible to students from disadvantaged backgrounds $5000
Louise Brown Memorial Award To fund travel and living expenses related to one international internship $2500
Macquarie Group Alumni Law Scholarship Meaningful financial assistance to deserving candidates $20,000
Marie Swan Memorial Scholarship Students experiencing economic or social disadvantage, including geographic isolation $4000
Ngoc Tram Nguyen Scholarship To support a socio-economically disadvantaged student located in South West Sydney $5000
Paul Doneley Memorial Scholarship Students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and undertaking a combined Bachelor's degree program in the Faculty of Law & Justice $3500
Rosemary Pynn Memorial Scholarship To encourage mature age students to undertake graduate study in law at UNSW Law & Justice $3000
Samar Memorial Honours Award To support law students who are also studying an honours year in science $5000
Sternberg Family Scholarships A student completing a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws combined degree $10,000
Teresa Rice Memorial Scholarship Law student with sole parent and/or carer responsibilities $5000
UNSW Law Class of 84/85 Scholarship To encourage students to commence an undergraduate law degree at UNSW $7000
UNSW Law Society Scholarship To recognise outstanding individuals and to assist students undertaking undergraduate study in a combined law program in the Faculty of Law & Justice at UNSW $2500
UNSW Law US Alumni Chapter Scholarship To assist a student from a socio-economically disadvantaged background to study at UNSW Law & Justice $20,000
Vanessa Hardman Memorial Scholarship To inspire current and future UNSW Law & Justice students to embark on a rewarding international career $5500 p.a. + $2000 for international exchange in the final year of study

To donate to any of these scholarships, please contact Alice Pritchard-Davies, Development Manager: alice.pritcharddavies@unsw.edu.au

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