Develop professional skills and confidence in a work environment.

Student and career mentors talking in a meeting room at UNSW.

At UNSW Law & Justice, we offer a diverse range of internships, giving students the chance to put theory into practice, providing training, practical experience and a real insight into future career paths in law and criminology. 

We encourage students to gain practical experience to complement the theory in their programs by offering a range of outstanding internships.


Law internships

The internship program provides formal and informal training, supervised practical legal experience, in planning and implementing key aspects of research, writing, advocacy and related activities, as well as client engagement and legal representation. 

Students have the opportunity to intern at an organisation focused on legal practice, strategic litigation or advocacy work, policy areas, research and/or law reform. This may be at a range of organisations such as law firms, government departments, non-government organisations (NGOs), social justice organisations, or at UNSW Law & Justice research centres. Students also have opportunities to gain valuable experience as student editors of law publications and journals. 

The Law internship courses offer students the opportunity to critically analyse the law, the legal profession and the legal system. Students are supported by experts in the field as well as UNSW academics to gain training and practical legal experience as well as a unique insight into future career paths.  

Law internships are available to eligible students enrolled in UNSW Bachelor of Laws (Double degree), Juris Doctor and Master of Laws programs. Enrolment is by course authority and is subject to a selection process.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor can apply to extend their internship for an additional 6UOC. The extended course will build upon the initial internship by introducing an in depth applied research component.


Criminology Work Integrated Learning placement

Criminology Work Integrated Learning placements provide students with the unique opportunity to gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of criminal justice and related agencies. Aligned with UNSW’s emphasis on work-integrated learning, this course is a structured and supported work placement designed to give students practical experience in tackling criminal justice challenges through working with a criminal justice related government or non-government organisation. This will be a one-of a kind experience to help students understand how criminal justice works in practice.

Criminology placements are only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Program (BCCJ) single or double degree (excluding BCCJ/Social Work) and students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Psychological Sciences or Bachelor of Arts and Business with a Criminology Major. Enrolment is by course authority and is subject to a selection process.

“I completed an internship at The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre. My internship exposed me to some of the harsh realities of our justice system. It reinforced my reason for studying law: to help those in society who don’t have the means to defend themselves. It was an eye-opening and life-changing experience. My internship clarified that criminal law is my passion and it even opened my mind to the possibility of going to the Bar – an avenue I had never considered before.”

Tahlia Jennings, JD student

How to apply

All applications and expressions of interest, other than the UNSW Law Journal, are to be submitted within the application period to InPlace.

UNSW Law Journal applicants can find more information on the UNSW Law Journal website.

For application dates and deadlines, current UNSW Law & Justice students should visit InPlace or, for further information, go to MyLaw>Law & Justice in Action or contact Student Services. 

  • Our internship partners include:

    • Amnesty International
    • Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law  
    • AustLII  
    • Australian Disputes Centre
    • Australian Human Rights Institute   
    • Australian Pro Bono Centre  
    • Diplomacy Training Program      
    • Environmental Defender’s Office   
    • Grata Fund
    • Inspector of Custodial Services   
    • Justice Action 
    • Law Society of NSW  
    • The Public Defenders Office  
    • Refugee Advice & Casework Service (RACS)
    • Shopfront Youth Legal Centre
    • UNSW Legal Office  
    • Youth Law Centre
    • Australian Journal of Human Rights

    • UNSW Law Journal (applications are managed by the Journal’s Editorial Board)

  • Self-organised internships where students have previously been placed:

    • Aboriginal Legal Service  
    • Amy Gillett Foundation  
    • Arts Law Centre of Australia    
    • CHOICE  
    • Cyberspace Law and Policy Community   
    • Dharriwaa Elders Group  
    • Edmund Rice Centre  
    • Federal Court of Australia  
    • Human Rights Watch Australia   
    • International Disability Alliance  
    • Justice Policy, Department of Attorney-General & Justice  
    • Legal Services Council  
    • Liquor + Gaming NSW   
    • Local Courts – Bankstown, Burwood, Campbelltown, Central, Downing Centre, Liverpool, Parramatta, Sutherland  
    • Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre  
    • Mission Australia  
    • National Australia Bank   
    • Nature Conservation Council of NSW  
    • National Association for the Visual Arts  
    • NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions  
    • NSW Ombudsman   
    • People with Disability Australia (PWDA)  
    • Redfern Legal Centre  
    • Reprieve Australia  
    • Resolution Institute   
    • Salvos Legal Humanitarian   
    • UNSW Innovations  



  • Our Criminology placement partners include:

    • Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
    • Centre for Criminology, Law & Justice
    • Deadly Connections Community and Justice Services Limited (DCCAJS)
    • Department of Communities and Justice
    • Gendered Violence Research Network
    • Inspector of Custodial Services
    • Justice Health Research Program
    • Juvenile Justice Community Services
    • Street Industries
    • Wayback Ltd 
    • Youth Justice NSW

    Note: UNSW Law & Justice regularly revises and enhances our internship offerings. Opportunities for each term are subject to change. Current students should check on InPlace for the listed opportunities for each year.

Relevant courses

LAWS3555/JURD7555 UNSW Law Internships

LAWS8173 UNSW Law Postgraduate Internships

LAWS8052 Human Rights Internship Program

LAWS3777/JURD7777 Law Internships: Extended

LAWS3183/JURD7383 Australian Journal of Human Rights

CRIM3025 Criminology Work Integrated Learning Placement