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At UNSW Law & Justice, we produce graduates with the very best grounding in the law, along with a deep understanding of how the law and policy operate in practice.

The work of our graduates and academics has a major impact on local and global debates, and our contributions in these areas reflect our ethos and commitment to the notion that the law must serve the needs of the community.  

We’re committed to achieving excellence and making a difference in this world. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our donors and strong relationships with industry partners. We want our alumni and friends to stay connected, share their successes and feel involved in the progress at UNSW Law & Justice. 


As a graduate of UNSW Law & Justice, a global leader in education and research, you’ll always be part of our exemplary alumni community. With over 19,000 alumni all over the world, we want to stay connected and learn how your careers are having a major impact on public policy, criminology and the law.


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