If you’re new to UNSW or looking at diving into something different, have a look at our UNSW Law & Justice student societies. Getting involved beyond the lecture theatre is a great way to meet people and make the most of university life.   

UNSW Law Society (LawSoc) 

When you enrol to study Law & Justice at UNSW, you're also gaining entry to one of the country’s most respected and largest student-run law organisations – the UNSW Law Society (LawSoc). 

LawSoc is the peak representative body for all students studying law at UNSW. Being a part of the UNSW Law Society will give you the chance to hone your skills, develop your confidence and build key relationships beyond the classroom environment. 

LawSoc aims to provide you with the highest quality law student experience academically, socially and professionally. 

Your academic life 

What role does LawSoc play in your academic life?

  • Effectively represents student interests to the Law & Justice Faculty administration, national and international organisations, including the Australian Law Students Association.
  • Publishes student newsletters and articles. 
  • Coordinates a variety of competitions, including mooting, negotiations, trial advocacy and client interviewing, including non-competitive rounds for JD students who are unable to commit to full competitions.
  • Organises regular events, such as panel sessions and networking evenings, to provide students with the opportunity to meet with prominent persons in the legal community.
  • Organises the King & Wood Mallesons JD Impact Program and facilitates exam-oriented subject information sessions.

Your social life 

What role can LawSoc play in your social life? It:

  • organises a diverse range of popular social events, such as the annual Law Ball and JD-specific social events throughout the year
  • funds cultural events such as the Law Revue and sporting competitions.

Your career development and support 

How can LawSoc help with career development and support? It: 

  • publishes a range of employment guides, including private law careers, public interest careers and international careers
  • promotes career awareness through various careers fairs, information seminars and networking events.

Find out more about Law Society programs and events.


UNSW Criminology Society (CrimSoc)

The UNSW Criminology Society (UNSW CrimSoc) is the social, professional development and student affairs organisation of all UNSW Criminology students. CrimSoc seeks to enrich our students’ academic experience and raise awareness on contemporary topical criminological debates both nationwide and global. 

We achieve this through:

  • organising initiatives such as our peer mentoring program to support new students
  • facilitating weekly book clubs and speaker panels led by leading academics
  • organising networking sessions to allow current students to connect and draw from the experiences of graduates and professionals to support and further their career aspirations

  • planning social events, including movie and trivia nights, cocktail parties and afternoon teas. These allow students to make new friends among their cohort and supports our students’ wellbeing while also encouraging them to make meaningful connections.

Currently, CrimSoc is run by a team of executives overseeing our various departments and supported by a team of dedicated subcommittee members and general assistants.

Find out more about Criminology Society Programs and Events.


UNSW International Law Students Society (ILSoc)

The UNSW International Law Students Society is here to support all international students studying law at UNSW. We warmly welcome students from diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our community.

Navigating law school can be challenging, and we are dedicated to transforming this journey into a time of lasting memories and personal growth.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between international students and the legal profession, enriching your university life by creating experiences that shape both your professional and personal journey.

What we offer: Support, Growth, and Networking

  • Supportive Community: Beyond being a society, we are a supportive family fostering lifelong friendships through regular social events.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: We provide tools and guidance necessary for your personal and professional development, helping you navigate law school confidently and prepare for success in the legal profession.
  • Global Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, we facilitate a global network that extends beyond the classroom, opening doors to diverse perspectives and opportunities.

Our events: Social, Academic and Careers

  • Social: We organise events like welcome parties, BBQs, coffee gatherings on campus, cocktail evenings, badminton social play, bouldering sessions, hiking and more.
  • Academic: We organise peer mentoring programs, legal writing tips, exam revision workshops, legal research workshops, and CV and interview tips.
  • Careers: We plan career panels, where professionals share insights, and network at our events connecting students with legal professionals.

As a young society, we value your feedback and are happy to tailor our events to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us via email at internationallawstudentssoc@gmail.com for any information or advice.

Connect with us on Instagram or WeChat and stay tuned for exciting updates, events, and opportunities! 


Student Legal Education Group (SLEG)

Founded more than 30 years ago, this UNSW-based non-profit organisation helps improves access to justice by engaging, educating and empowering members of the community, particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Free-of-charge workshops and seminars, hosted by trained UNSW Law & Justice students, educate program participants on their legal rights in meaningful, practical ways. 

How to get involved

UNSW Undergraduate and Juris Doctor students from all stages of their degree are encouraged to become presenters with SLEG. It's a great way to connect with other UNSW Law & Justice students, finesse your skills in public speaking and teamwork in a way that sees your degree working in practice, and to aid both local and regional communities with your legal knowledge. 

Schools, community centres and other interested groups are invited to participate in this program. We present free-of-charge and are happy to tailor our content to your specific needs, time frame and year group. If you'd like more information on the program, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Get in touch via email or on Facebook.

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