UNSW Law & Justice is among the most successful law schools in attracting Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

Our track record of receiving these competitive grants and research fellowships is a testament to our academic excellence and commitment to conducting research with real-world impact.


ARC Fellowships

    • The Financial Data Revolution: Seizing the Benefits, Controlling the Risks 
      Lead Investigator: Scientia Professor Ross Buckley
      Funding amount: $2,634,900 (2020-2025) 
    • Anti-terror laws and the democratic challenge 
      Lead Investigator: Professor George Williams
      Funding amount: $2,983,000 (2009-2014) 
    • Diplomatic knowledge, disasters and the future of international legal order 
      Lead Investigator: Professor Fleur Johns
      Funding amount: $951,471 (2021-2025)
    • Suspect sciences: enhancing emerging identification technologies and forensic expertise 
      Lead Investigator: Professor Gary Edmond
      Funding amount: $815,014 (2020) 
    • Informal Lawmaking in Maritime Security: New Directions in Ocean Governance
      Lead Investigator: Professor Natalie Klein
      Funding amount: $1,018,446 (2020) 
    • Between social enterprise and social movement: responses to environmental change at the intersection of rights and regulation 
      Lead Investigator Professor Bronwen Morgan
      Funding amount: $877,763 (2012-17) 
    • Moving with dignity: a human rights approach to slow-onset climate change-related displacement and relocation in the Pacific 
      Lead Investigator: Professor Jane McAdam
      Funding amount: $874,700 (2012-16)

ARC grants

    • Violence, Risk and Safety: The Changing Face of Australian Criminal Law (DP210101072)    
      Investigators: Professor Luke McNamara (Lead Investigator), A/Prof Julia Quilter (CI), Prof Arlie Loughnan (CI, University of Wollongong), Adj/Prof Russell Hogg (CI, Queensland University of Technology), Em/Prof David Brown (CI, University of Sydney), Prof Lindsay Farmer (PI, University of Glasgow, UK).    
      Grant amount: $327,330
    • Reimagining Judging in International Criminal Courts: A Gendered Approach (DP210103628)    
      Investigators: Scientia Professor Louise Chappell (Lead Investigator), Dr Rosemary Grey (CI, University of Sydney), Dr Kcasey McLoughlin (CI, University of Newcastle).   
      Grant amount: $346,555
    • Producing, managing and owning knowledge in the 21st century university (DP200101578)   
      Investigators: Prof Kathryn Bowrey (Lead Investigator), Prof Kimberlee Weatherall (CI), Dr Kylie Pappalardo (CI), Prof Irene Watson (CI), Prof Jill McKeough (CI), Em/Prof Thomas Cochrane (CI)   
      Grant amount: $361,000
    • Improving International Law Regulation of Maritime Autonomous Vessels (DP200102091)   
      Investigators: Prof Natalie Klein (Lead Investigator), A/Prof Douglas Guilfoyle (CI), A/Prof Md Saiful Karim (CI), Prof Robert McLaughlin (CI).   
      Grant amount: $158,630 
    • Intoxication Evidence in Rape Trials: A Double-Edged Sword? (DP200100101)  
      Investigators: Prof Julia Quilter (Lead Investigator, University of Wollongong), Prof Luke McNamara (UNSW Sydney)  
      Grant amount: $239,322
    • Non-urban water governance: rethinking compliance and enforcement (DP190101584)   
      Investigators: Professor Cameron Holley (Lead Investigator), A/Professor Darren Sinclair (University of Canberra), Dr Jean-Daniel Rinaudo (BRGM The French Geological Survey), A/Prof Rhett Larson (Arizona State University)   
      Grant amount: $338,000
    • Juries, justice and citizenship: historicising women’s inequality (DP190100940)   
      Investigators: Professor Jill Hunter (Lead Investigator), Professor Penelope Russell (University of Sydney), Professor Diane Kirby (UTS), Dr Alecia Simmonds (UTS)   
      Grant amount: $322,000
    • Contemporary populism and constitutional democracy (DP190102961)   
      Investigators: Professor Martin Krygier (Lead Investigator), A/Professor Adam Czarnota, Professor Wojcieh Sadurski (University of Sydney)   
      Grant amount: $331,000 
    • Australian violence: understanding victimisation through history (DP190100322)
      Investigators: Dr Andy Kaladelfos.
      Grant amount: $404,636
    • ‘Recognition after Uluru: what next for First Nations?’ (IN190100075)  
      Professor Megan Davis (Lead Investigator), Professor George Williams  
      Grant amount: $399,600
    • Mining the deep oceans: ensuring compliance with international obligations (DE190101081)  
      Investigators: Dr Aline Jaeckel (Lead Investigator)  
      Grant amount: $364,990
    • Protected entry for asylum seekers in history and international refugee law (DE200101236)
      Investigators: Dr Claire Higgins (Lead Investigator)  
      Grant amount: $389,201
    • Public law accountability of outsourced government services (DE210101055)   
      Investigator: Dr Janina Boughey (Lead Investigator)   
      Grant amount: $334,775  
    • Artificial Intelligence Decision-Making, Privacy and Discrimination Laws (DE210101183)   
      Investigator: Dr Monika Zalnieriute (Lead Investigator)   
      Grant amount: $426,530  

Grants from other bodies

  • UNSW Law & Justice academics have also been successful in obtaining grants from a range of prestigious external funding bodies, including: 

    • Asian Studies Association of Australia 
    • Asian Development Bank 
    • Australia-ASEAN Council 
    • Australian Academy for the Humanities 
    • CPA Australia 
    • Corrs Chambers Westgarth (Linkage partner) 
    • Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) (Linkage Partner) 
    • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia 
    • Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) 
    • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 
    • UN Capital Development Fund 
    • USA Networks of Excellence Mobility and Bridging Grants 
    • International Association of Privacy Professionals 
    • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC, Canada) Partnership Development Shared Grant 
    • Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).