UNSW Law & Justice is among the most successful law schools in attracting Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

Our track record of receiving these competitive grants and research fellowships is a testament to our academic excellence and commitment to conducting research with real-world impact.


ARC Fellowships

    • Evacuations in international law: disasters, conflicts and humanitarian crises
      Lead Investigator: Scientia Professor Jane McAdam
      Funding amount: $3,146,592 (2023-2027) 
    • The Financial Data Revolution: Seizing the Benefits, Controlling the Risks 
      Lead Investigator: Scientia Professor Ross Buckley
      Funding amount: $2,634,900 (2020-2025) 
    • Constitutional design and democratic resilience 
      Lead Investigator: Professor Rosalind Dixon
      Funding amount: $1,074,409 (2021-2025)
    • Diplomatic knowledge, disasters and the future of international legal order 
      Lead Investigator: Professor Fleur Johns
      Funding amount: $951,471 (2021-2025)
    • Suspect sciences: enhancing emerging identification technologies and forensic expertise 
      Lead Investigator: Professor Gary Edmond
      Funding amount: $815,014 (2020) 
    • Informal Lawmaking in Maritime Security: New Directions in Ocean Governance
      Lead Investigator: Professor Natalie Klein
      Funding amount: $1,018,446 (2020) 

ARC grants

    • Responding to Sexual Harm: An Australian Historical Criminology Approach (DP230101503)    
      Investigators: Prof Lisa Featherstone (Lead Investigator, La Trobe University), Dr Andy Kaladelfos (CI, UNSW Sydney), Dr Yorick Smaal (CI, Griffith University), Dr Bianca Fileborn (CI, The University of Melbourne). 
      Grant amount: $ 463,914 (2023-2026)
    • Shaping International Law in Global Transformations: Australian Experiences (DP230102088)    
      Investigators: Dr Madelaine Chiam (Lead Investigator, La Trobe University), Dr Jordana Silverstein (CI, The University of Melbourne), Prof Jeremy Farrall (CI, The Australian National University), A/Prof Christopher Michaelsen (CI, UNSW Sydney). 
      Grant amount: $ 641,915 (2023-2025).
    • Judges' work, place and psychological health - a national view (DP220100585)    
      Investigators: Prof Jill Hunter (Lead Investigator), Prof Prudence Vines (CI, UNSW Sydney), Prof Natalie Skead (CI, The University of Western Australia), A/Prof Kylie Burns (CI, Griffith University), Prof Sharyn Roach Anleu (CI, Flinders University), Prof Catherine Warner (CI, University of Tasmania), Prof Richard Kemp (CI, UNSW Sydney), Adj A/Prof Terese Henning (CI, University of Tasmania). 
      Grant amount:$556,708 (2022-2024).
    • China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A New Model of Economic Governance? (DP220101632)    
      Investigators: Dr Jonathan Bonnitcha (Lead Investigator), A/Prof Kun Fan (CI, UNSW Sydney), Prof Ross Buckley (CI, UNSW Sydney), Prof Heng Wang (PI, National University of Singapore).
      Grant amount:$293,716 (2022-2024).
    • Violence, Risk and Safety: The Changing Face of Australian Criminal Law (DP210101072)    
      Investigators: Professor Luke McNamara (Lead Investigator), A/Prof Julia Quilter (CI), Prof Arlie Loughnan (CI, University of Wollongong), Adj/Prof Russell Hogg (CI, Queensland University of Technology), Em/Prof David Brown (CI, University of Sydney), Prof Lindsay Farmer (PI, University of Glasgow, UK).    
      Grant amount: $327,330
    • Reimagining Judging in International Criminal Courts: A Gendered Approach (DP210103628)    
      Investigators: Scientia Professor Louise Chappell (Lead Investigator), Dr Rosemary Grey (CI, University of Sydney), Dr Kcasey McLoughlin (CI, University of Newcastle).   
      Grant amount: $346,555
    • Producing, managing and owning knowledge in the 21st century university (DP200101578)   
      Investigators: Professor Kathryn Bowrey (Lead Investigator), Prof Kimberlee Weatherall (CI), Dr Kylie Pappalardo (CI), Prof Irene Watson (CI), Prof Jill McKeough (CI), Em/Prof Thomas Cochrane (CI)   
      Grant amount: $361,000
    • Improving International Law Regulation of Maritime Autonomous Vessels (DP200102091)   
      Investigators: Professor Natalie Klein (Lead Investigator), A/Prof Douglas Guilfoyle (CI), A/Prof Md Saiful Karim (CI), Prof Robert McLaughlin (CI).   
      Grant amount: $158,630 
    • Intoxication Evidence in Rape Trials: A Double-Edged Sword? (DP200100101)  
      Investigators: Professor Julia Quilter (Lead Investigator, University of Wollongong), Professor Luke McNamara (UNSW Sydney)  
      Grant amount: $239,322
    • Non-urban water governance: rethinking compliance and enforcement (DP190101584)   
      Investigators: Professor Cameron Holley (Lead Investigator), A/Professor Darren Sinclair (University of Canberra), Dr Jean-Daniel Rinaudo (BRGM The French Geological Survey), A/Prof Rhett Larson (Arizona State University)   
      Grant amount: $338,000
    • Juries, justice and citizenship: historicising women’s inequality (DP190100940)   
      Investigators: Professor Jill Hunter (Lead Investigator), Professor Penelope Russell (University of Sydney), Professor Diane Kirby (UTS), Dr Alecia Simmonds (UTS)   
      Grant amount: $322,000
    • Contemporary populism and constitutional democracy (DP190102961)   
      Investigators: Professor Martin Krygier (Lead Investigator), A/Professor Adam Czarnota, Professor Wojcieh Sadurski (University of Sydney)   
      Grant amount: $331,000 
    • Australian violence: understanding victimisation through history (DP190100322)
      Investigators: Dr Andy Kaladelfos
      Grant amount: $404,636


    • Fast-track Asylum Procedures: Balancing Fairness and Efficiency (DE220101189)  
      Investigators: Associate Professor Daniel Ghezelbash (Lead Investigator)  
      Grant amount: $458,332 (2022-2024)
    • Mining the deep oceans: ensuring compliance with international obligations (DE190101081)  
      Investigators: Dr Aline Jaeckel (Lead Investigator)  
      Grant amount: $364,990
    • Protected entry for asylum seekers in history and international refugee law (DE200101236)
      Investigators: Dr Claire Higgins (Lead Investigator)  
      Grant amount: $389,201
    • Public law accountability of outsourced government services (DE210101055)   
      Investigator: Dr Janina Boughey (Lead Investigator)   
      Grant amount: $334,775  
    • Artificial Intelligence Decision-Making, Privacy and Discrimination Laws (DE210101183)   
      Investigator: Dr Monika Zalnieriute (Lead Investigator)   
      Grant amount: $426,530  
    • Non-urban water regulation: next generation compliance & enforcement (LP220200350)  
      Investigators: Prof Cameron Holley (Lead Investigator), Prof Darren Sinclair (CI, University of Canberra), Dr Juan Castilla-Rho (CI, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
      Grant amount: $425,995 (2023-2026)
    • Digitising the Drafting of the Australian Constitution (LE230100159)  
      Investigators: Dr Murray Wesson (Lead Investigator, The University of Western Australia), Prof Sarah Murray (CI, The University of Western Australia), Dr Tamara Tulich (CI, The University of Western Australia), Prof John Williams (CI, The University of Adelaide), Prof Anne Twomey (CI, The University of Sydney), Prof Dr Nicholas Aroney (CI, The University of Queensland), Prof James Stellios (CI, The Australian National University), Prof Rosalind Dixon (CI, UNSW Sydney), Prof Ann Genovese (CI, The University of Melbourne), Prof Luke Beck (CI, Monash University), A/Prof Melissa Castan (CI, Monash University), A/Prof Benjamin Saunders (CI, Deakin University), Dr Dylan Lino (CI, The University of Queensland). 
      Grant amount: $ 319,046 (2023)
    • The Australian Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries Library (LE210100043)  
      Investigators: A/Prof Philip Chung (Lead Investigator), Prof Andrew Mowbray (CI, University of Technology Sydney), Dr Gabrielle Appleby (CI UNSW Sydney); Prof Anita Stuhmcke (CI, University of Technology Sydney), Prof Thalia Anthony (CI, University of Technology Sydney), Prof Robert Cunningham (CI, Curtin University), Prof Mark Lunney (CI, The University of New England), Prof Matthew Groves (CI, Deakin University), Prof Gregory Taylor (CI, The University of Adelaide), A/Prof Luke Beck (CI, Monash University), A/Prof Andrew Edgar (CI, The University of Sydney), Dr Tanya Josev; Dr Dominique Dalla-Pozza (CI, Australian National University), Dr Vicky Comino (CI, The University of Queensland), Dr Murray Wesson (CI, The University of Western Australia). 
      Grant amount: $ 539,000 (2021)

Grants from other bodies

  • UNSW Law & Justice academics have also been successful in obtaining grants from a range of prestigious external funding bodies, including: 

    • Asian Studies Association of Australia 
    • Asian Development Bank 
    • Australia-ASEAN Council 
    • Australian Academy for the Humanities 
    • CPA Australia 
    • Corrs Chambers Westgarth (Linkage partner) 
    • Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) (Linkage Partner) 
    • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia 
    • James Martin Institute
    • NSW Government
    • Commonwealth Department of Health
    • Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) 
    • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 
    • UN Capital Development Fund 
    • USA Networks of Excellence Mobility and Bridging Grants 
    • International Association of Privacy Professionals 
    • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC, Canada) Partnership Development Shared Grant 
    • Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).