Kazi Ashraf Uddin

Kazi Ashraf Uddin

PhD Candidate
MA in English Studies, University of Bordeaux (France); BA (Hons) and MA in English, University of Chittagong (Bangladesh)

Ashraf is a PhD candidate in the School of Law, Society and Criminology at UNSW Sydney. His doctoral project aims to develop an intersectional methodological framework of transgender research in South Asian context.

Prior to his ongoing teaching career (at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh) spanning more than a decade in the field of English and Cultural studies, Ashraf had completed his MA in English Studies from the University of Bordeaux 3 (France) as an Erasmus scholar and BA and MA in English from University of Chittagong. In 2013, he undertook gender research project as a Scholar-in-residence at the Centre for Contemporary Theory (India) with a Ford scholarship.

Both an anglophone and a francophone, Ashraf taught courses like Postmodern literature, Critical theory and Applied linguistics, Advanced French, Translation studies, Psycholinguistics, and Postcolonial literature at both undergrad and postgraduate level. He has been closely involved in designing curriculum for English and French studies at tertiary level in Bangladesh and is an internationally accredited examiner for French higher diplomas.        

Research topic

Defining South Asian Transgenderism: Quest for a Queer Methodology through Disability Studies


My doctoral research project aims at developing a South Asian transgender research framework accommodating an intersectional perspective in investigating its epistemological and ontological research questions involving the hijras. Informed by a decolonizing methodological approach, this research aims to locate the socio-anthropological and political nuances of transgender identity in Bangladesh.    


Andy Kaladelfos (Scholl of Law, Society and Criminology); Joyce Wu (School of Social Sciences)

Areas of interest

Gender and sexuality studies, Critical posthumanism, Intersectionality, Spatial criticism, Critical pedagogy, Social and cultural anthropology.

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