Sherine Al Shallah

Sherine Al Shallah

Postgraduate Research Student and Teaching Fellow
JD Law (UNSW), MSc Economics (London School of Economics and Political Science), BA Economics (American University of Beirut)

Sherine Al Shallah is a Kaldor Centre Affiliate and Australian Human Rights Institute Associate with over twenty years’ experience in senior policy roles. Sherine has completed human rights course work at Aarhus University and has research experience in refugee and human rights law with the Kaldor Centre, UNSW, Australian Human Rights Institute and National Justice Project.

Sherine was the Australian Human Rights Institute Global Student Fellow 2022 at the Citizens' Constitutional Forum in Suva, and the Australia Institute Anne Kantor Fellow 2023 at Equity Generation Lawyers practicing in climate change litigation. Sherine has also worked as a refugee caseworker and job advisor with asylum seeker centres and Talent Beyond Boundaries. In 2021, Sherine also completed an internship with the United Nations at the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia, for which she performed admissibility analyses for victim statements in relations to crimes against humanity committed by the Khmer Rouge regime.

Prior to undertaking her law degree, Sherine worked with the United Nations Development Programme (2006-2009), Australian Energy Market Commission (2016-2019) and Economic Regulatory Authority of Western Australia (2013-2016) in public finance and economic regulation. Between 2009 and 2012, Sherine was an engagement manager with the public sector practice of Booz & Company in the Middle East.

Sherine is fluent in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Research topic

Refugee Cultural Heritage and Connected Rights in International Law

Sherine's research project examines the international legal frameworks (refugee, human rights and cultural heritage) for the protection of refugee cultural heritage (in particular, cultural objects).


Lucas Lixinski, Daniel Ghezelbash

Areas of interest

International Refugee Law, International Cultural Heritage Law, Human Rights



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