The Biennial Ingram Lecture is delivered by an international personality, eminent scholar or diplomat who has been awarded the Ingram Visiting Fellowship within the UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice. The Fellowships are funded by the Ingram Fund for International Law and Development, generously donated to the Faculty of Law & Justice by Mr James Ingram AO, former Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.

In addition to delivering the public Ingram Lecture, Ingram Visiting Fellows undertake collaborative research activities and projects with researchers and academic staff within the Law & Justice Faculty on current issues of international law having special regard to the concerns of developing countries.

Ingram Visiting Fellows

2018: Professor Daniel Bodansky Ingram Lecture on International Law and Development

2011: Professor Ellen Hey Ingram Public Lecture: The Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and International Environmental Law

2009: Professor David Freestone Ingram Public Lecture: Climate Change and Development

2007: Dr Deepika Udagama, Sri Lanka Ingram Public Lecture: Conflict, Tsunami Reconstruction and Human Development in Sri Lanka

2005: Professor Surya Subedi (Nepal/UK) Ingram Public Lecture: Levelling the playing field: is the WTO up to it?

The Ingram Colloquia

The Ingram Colloquia and the Ingram Visiting Fellowships are funded by the Ingram Fund for International Law and Development.

The purpose of the fund is to promote the study, teaching and dissemination of international law at UNSW and to foster understanding of the impact of law on the interests of developing countries.

Ingram Colloquia