The Department of Molecular Medicine aims to pair the brightest minds with the best research infrastructure under a tailored mentoring approach. 

In research our core vision is to integrate across the scales how processes at the molecular level – the ‘bottom-up’ perspective of single-molecule research – drive function at the systems level – the ‘top-down’ perspective of cell biology and physiology. In line with the Health25 strategy, the Department of Molecular Medicine places the wellbeing and success of our people at the heart of our work. In doing so, we aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive research environment.

We’re united by a common belief in the pursuit of innovative scientific research. We share a commitment to visionary science that involves taking big leaps in discovery and innovation. To be poised to make such big leaps, we have fostered a collaborative environment in a shared space where individual expertise, skills and perspectives can combine to advance our common goals. In education, we’ve established research collaborations and contributions to teaching with partners in the Kirby Institute, Garvan, BABS, Chemistry and Physics.

We have a significant international footprint with numerous links to world class institutions and researchers. Our activities not only address biomedical problems – including force sensing in pain, immune cell swarming in cancer, subversion of innate immunity by HIV or SARS-CoV-2, and protein aggregation in Parkinson's disease – but also aim to drive technological advances, such as future approaches to DNA-sequencing, cutting-edge microscopy techniques, and novel methods of data analysis.



Professional staff

Name Position Title
Zeenat Jahan Research Officer
Da (Darren) Liu Animal & Insectary Technician
Feyza Colakoglu Veli Research Assistant 
Camelia Haywood  Research Assistant 
Eve Jary Research Assistant 
Andrea Catalina Nunez Research Assistant 
Jyoti Rukhaya Research Assistant 
Lioba Schroeter Research Assistant 
Richard Hao Tian Tang Research Assistant 
Amira Belhaffef Research Assistant