In a collaboration with UNSW Medicine & Health Short Courses and the UNSW School of Optometry & Vision Science, the Short Course Dry Eye Disease: Diagnosis and Management starts on 7 August for a second run in 2023.

Increase your confidence and ability to diagnose and sub-type dry eye disease, and to differentially diagnose from other conditions such as blepharitis, neuropathic ocular pain and neurotrophic conditions. This practical Short Course has been approved by Optometry Australia (OA) for the Institute of Excellence Quality Assurance (CPD) for 30Ti.

The course further equips you with the skills to manage dry eye disease with both therapeutic and non-therapeutic options, and to critically appraise the literature regarding new therapies as they are introduced.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and insight required to diagnose and manage patients with dry eye disease within their own practices, and with the skills to stay abreast of the constant changes in the field.


Monday 7 August 2023 to Friday 1 September 2023


30 hours (4-week block)

Delivery Mode

Online self-paced and learn with others via Zoom