The final Vaegan seminar for 2023 will be presented by Prof Tom Millar (WSU) and A/Prof Phil Anderton (UNSW Sydney) on Vaegan himself. Their presentation is quite appropriately entitled "The life and times of Vaegan (John Leslie Levy)" (further information below).

Bio(s): Tom And Phil have been collaborating in both Science and Education since 1985. Their efforts included research into Retinal neurobiology, tearfilm biophysics, and animal models of glaucoma with Vaegan. They also developed the first Therapeutics postgraduate course at UNSW SOVS. They will present an account of Vaegan’s research and personal characteristics. Tom Millar is Professor at UWS. Phil Anderton is Honorary Associate Professor at UNSW SOVS.


K-E15-1027 - Macauley Theatre (UNSW Main Quadrangle)


Friday 24th November 2023


1:00pm - 2:00pm (AEDT)