UNSW OptomSoc Society Events - A vibrant overview of campus life 2023 

With the commencement of 2023, UNSW OptomSoc launched a dynamic array of society events that gave vision science and optometry students opportunities to explore their interests, foster friendships, and deepen their academic and cultural knowledge. 

The annual Welcome Day in February is an event hosted in collaboration with SOVS that offers first year students a unique opportunity to explore the UNSW campus, engage with faculty and existing students, and gain valuable insights into academic programs, and campus life. Professor Lisa Keay, Head of School together with other faculty members organised informative presentations about the various academic programs, curriculum, research opportunities as well as career prospects. This was followed by guided tours of the university campus and key facilities relevant to vision science and optometry students. The day ended with a BBQ which enabled first year students to hear firsthand experiences and valuable insights into university life from existing students. 

To prepare students for the competitive job market, OptomSoc has launched a new initiative, Industry Day that serves as a vital bridge between students and industry leaders. The primary goal of Industry Day is to facilitate direct interactions between students and industry leaders, offering a platform for students to engage with professionals, learn from their experiences, gain insights into various career paths, and establish valuable connections that can potentially lead to mentorships, or job opportunities. The event was a success, and we hope that it will continue into an annual event that brings students and industry leaders together. 

The SOVS Student Wellbeing and Action Group, often abbreviated as S.W.A.G. is a student-led initiative dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being and educational experience of students within SOVS. S.W.A.G. operates with the mission of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that priorities mental health, community building, and successful transitions of students into university life. The group collaborates closely with the school to ensure a holistic approach to student well-being and development. A few of the key events hosted in 2023 includes: Exam Care Packages, Picnic Day and Sports Day which contributes to creating a healthy and supportive environment that empowers students to thrive both academically and personally. 

The Eyeball is an eagerly anticipated annual event hosted by OptomSoc, designed to provide optometry students with a night of fun, camaraderie, and celebration. This affair took place in September at Hyatt Regency, transforming the venue into a mesmerising haven for students to let loose and commemorate their academic achievements over the past year. The Eyeball allows attendees to revel in the vibrant atmosphere and create lasting memories for years to come. A sumptuous dinner was served, accompanied by live orchestral music, and there was also a photobooth that allowed students to capture the moment and take-home tangible memories of the night. The event is certainly a cherished tradition that offers a night of elegance, entertainment, and inspiration, making it a highlight of the academic year for optometry students.