"Our most recent survey conducted in 2018 showed that sexual harassment in Australian workplaces is widespread and pervasive. One in three people experienced sexual harassment at work in the past five years.... Sexual harassment is not a women’s issue: it is a societal issue, which every Australian, and every Australian workplace, can contribute to addressing... There is an urgency for change. There is the momentum for reform. By adopting the multifaceted and whole-of-community response outlined in this report, Australia can reclaim its position as leaders in tackling sexual harassment and provide employers with the guidance they need, and victims the support and redress they deserve."

Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

This Inquiry examined the nature and prevalence of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, the drivers of this harassment and measures to address and prevent sexual harassment.

The Terms of Reference for the Commission were to review and report on workplace sexual harassment and make recommendations in relation to:

  • its prevalence, nature and reporting in Australian workplaces
  • the role of technology
  • its drivers, including risk factors for particular population groups or in different workplace settings
  • the current legal framework
  • existing measures to address it and examples of good practice
  • its impacts on individuals and businesses, including its economic impact.