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SafeSys has been decommissioned effective from Tuesday, 28th November 2023 and is therefore no longer available for the creation of active Safety Documentation. If you want to look up any ‘historic’ Safety Documentation, please refer to the SafeSys-Archive site

The UNSW StaySafe app is being replaced by a new app called SafeZone

SafeZone, the recently launched UNSW Security and Wellbeing app, is now available for you to download via the App Store or Google Play.  As part of our transition plan, SafeZone will gradually replace StaySafe through 2024.

To learn more or to download the SafeZone app, please visit


*Important notice: Firefox (all versions) is no longer supported by Salus. Users attempting to access the web application using Firefox will see a page informing them that their browser is unsupported and will be unable to access it. Please use alternative browsers e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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Leading the Management of Psychosocial Risk at UNSW

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The UNSW Health & Safety team are here to support you with any queries or questions you might have regarding Health & Safety across UNSW. You can get in touch with the safety team below. We encourage you to report all hazards, near misses and incidents in our safety system, Salus.

News and safety alerts

September 2023: General Litium-Ion battery safety

Li-ion batteries are commonly used in various devices like laptops, smartphones, electric vehicles, and more. At UNSW, safety with these batteries is crucial. This alert offers simple guidelines for safe Li-ion battery use, from purchase to disposal.

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May 2023: Electrical shock incidents

In the last two weeks of May, UNSW has seen two electric shock events where staff and students were working around live electrical circuits. Work with electrical equipment needs to be highly controlled and managed appropriately. 

Safety Alert
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SALUS: Hazards vs. Tasks

UNSW's safety management system, SALUS, allows you to report and manage hazards at work. But it can sometimes be tricky to tell the difference between a 'hazard' and a 'hazardous task'.

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