The existing Steering Committee and Working Groups have been disbanded and replaced with a Subject Matter Expert Reference Group and Student Reference Group. We would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions of the GV Steering Committee and Working Groups thus far.

Implementing our Strategy and Action Plan

UNSW recognises the problem of gendered violence in universities and is committed to taking steps to Stop. Empower. Support. our community to create a safe and welcoming environment for all. 

Taking a whole of university approach is necessary to successfully deliver the UNSW Gendered Violence Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2025. Therefore in 2022, we established the Gendered Violence Steering Committee and working groups, tasked with overseeing the implementation of the Action Plan over the next three years. 

We encourage students and staff interested to become supporters and advocates of the Strategy. There are many ways to get involved, contact us at 

    1. Website: We’ve created one central UNSW website hosting all information related to gendered violence prevention and response. This information will be consistently reviewed to ensure relevance of information. Visit
    2. A mandatory student e-Learning: The Preventing gendered violence at UNSW module has been released for commencing and existing coursework students in Term 1, with a staff (academics and professional) module to follow later this year.  Access the Module via this Moodle link and login with your zID, then enter the student enrolment key: gvprevention_2023
    3. Awareness campaign: Defining gendered violence, where to make a report if someone is affected by gendered violence, and what support is available. You may have seen these posters across campus.
    4. Working groups; These have been set-up to implement the Action Plan in three key areas of Policy, Education and Communications.   
    5. Our Strategic Priorities: Leadership, Communication, Transparency, Education and Cultural Change. You can view a summarised version of our Stop. Empower. Support: UNSW Gendered Violence Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2025, to find out more about these priorities and how you can engage with our work.  
    6. Student collaboration: Collaborating with students as part of SEXtember to deliver a stall and online panel on the topic of consent in everyday life. The topic of consent also had a presence at this year’s O-Week.  
    7. Outreach: Working with UNSW residential colleges and raising awareness of how to prevent gendered violence including where to report and what support is available to those affected.
  • UNSW Sydney
    1. We are currently setting up a Student Working Group to ensure a collaborative approach to implementing the Strategy and priority projects. 
    2. An updated Policy broadening the scope from Sexual Misconduct to Gendered Violence is in development and there will be opportunities for you to provide input via a consultation phase. 
    3. A student and staff education and awareness strategy is in development that encourages ongoing learning about gendered violence and respectful relationships.  
    4. We want all members of the UNSW community to know what behaviours are expected and where to report anything that is not in line with these. A brand campaign is in development – watch this space!   
    5. Thanks to an updated system, it will soon be easier for our community to report incidents of gendered violence.

    There are many ways to get involved in this work – please express your interest at 

Steering Committee

The Gendered Violence Steering Committee was established in July 2022 to oversee the implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan.

Membership of this Committee is based on the Educating for Equality model recommended by Our Watch and Universities Australia. The Committee is co-chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and membership includes student and staff from across the university. 

Attila Brungs


Vice-Chancellor and President (Co-Chair) 


Emma Sparks
Rector and Dean, UNSW Canberra (Co-Chair)
Bruce Watson Acting DVC EDI (Deputy Chair to the Vice-Chancellor)
Claire Annesley Faculties and Schools  
Bron Greene Conduct and Integrity Office  
Isabelle Creagh UNSW Colleges  
Isabelle Greco Post Graduate Council (Student Rep)  
Jan Breckenridge Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Jonathan Morris Divisions of Research and Enterprise rep 
Liora Hoenig SRC Queer Officer (Student Rep) 
Martin Borchert Division of Academic Quality   
Michelle Steel Human Resources  
Nick Glover  Risk Management  
Padma Raman External Expert Advisor 
Louise Luzte-Mann

Division of Education & Student Experience rep

Paige Sedgwick SRC President (Student Rep) 
Semra Tastan Project Team, Conduct & Integrity Office
Shelley Valentine Arc (Student Organisation)
Vijay Kumar Post Graduate Council (Student Rep) 

Contact details:

Tasch Arndt, Project Officer.

Project Team

The Project Team sits within the Conduct and Integrity Office (CIO) and acts as a point of contact for the Strategy and Action Plan. Responsible for coordinating and delivering the action plan and providing support to the Gendered Violence Steering Committee and working groups. 

CIO membership: 

  • Manager, Prevention and Engagement
  • CIO Project Manager 
  • Project Officer
  • Prevention and Engagement Officer 

Working Groups

Four working groups were established in late 2022 and are responsible for consulting, co-designing, and delivering specific action areas.  The membership of the working groups extends beyond the Steering Committee and include students and staff from across the university. 

Organising Working Group

Responsible for assessing, prioritising and monitoring the Gendered Violence Action Plan implementation, and presenting funding proposals to Conduct and Integrity Office (CIO) and Steering Committee.  

Communication Working Group

Responsible for developing and delivering communications that raise awareness of gendered violence – what it is, how to report it, and where to get support. 

Policy Review Reference Group 

Responsible for ensuring UNSW policies and procedures relating to Gendered Violence are appropriate, inclusive, evidence-based and consistent with UNSW values and the Strategy. 

Education and Training 

Responsible for driving the development of a coherent and coordinated education and awareness strategy.  

  • Member Representing

    Semra Tastan (Chair)

    Project Team, CIO
    Tasch Arndt Project Team, CIO 
    Jan Breckenridge Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN)
    Angela Griffin  Arc (Student Organisation)
    Isabelle Greco PGC (Student Representative) 
    Paige Sedgwick President SRC (Student Representative) 
    TBC HR 

    Member Representing
    Jodi O'Callaghan (Chair) Project Team, CIO 
    Michelle Steel HR
    Angela Griffin Arc (Student Organisation)
    Mitch McBurnie Arc (Student Organisation)
    Mailin Suchting GVRN
    Estell Matthew WoCo Student 
    Sabrina Fraser  Student (Art & Design)
    Bianca Azar GRS
    Jessica Luquin  Student Life
    Daniel Crosariol Student Communications
    Martin Healy Psychology and Wellness 
    Abi Scott Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Comms
    Jennifer Lane UNSW Canberra Division of External Engagement (DEE)
    Jordan Renneberg UNSW Canberra
    Bliss Forrester Student Communications 
    Tom Arthur EDI Manager ADFA
  • Member Representing 

    Bron Greene (Chair)

    Linda Lombardi Arc
    Isabelle Greco PGC (Student)
    Kristine Thomas HR
    Kim Pettigrew  Legal Counsel
    Patrick Sheehy CIO
    Isabelle Creagh Head of UNSW Colleges
    Leanne Piggott Educational Experience and WIL (Student Life)
    Tara Murphy Security 
    Sophia German LGBTIQ+ Champions (Student)
    Tasch Arndt Project Team
    Emma Golledge Kingsford Legal Centre
    Andy Kaladelfos Gender Equity Champions
    Renee Griffin Psychology and Wellness
  • Member

    Jonathan Morris (Chair)

    Dean Graduate Research School (GRS)
    Martin Borchert Library
    Angela Griffin Arc
    Veronica Jiang Disability Champions
    Semra Tastan Project Team
    Liora Hoenig Queer Officer SRC (Student Representative)
    Emma Golledge Kingsford Legal Centre
    Isabelle Creagh Head of UNSW Colleges
    Timothy O’Leary Gender Equity Champions
    Michelle Steel  HR
    Bill Peirson  New College 
    Sarah Kroon  Psychology and Wellness 
    Michael Rahme  SRC Student with Disability Officer (Student Representative)