This information has been prepared to assist office managers in managing safety in their areas.

    • All new staff must receive a Health & Safety Induction before they begin work using the Health & Safety Induction form HS006.
    • All new staff must complete the mandatory training courses On-Line Work Health & Safety Awareness and On-Line Ergonomics.
    • Office managers must ensure that your area is included on the HS Committees workplace inspection schedule.
    • Office managers must ensure any corrective actions from these inspections are implemented.
    • You must ensure that your area is included on the testing and tagging schedule. All equipment in the area must be tested and tagged by a qualified person.
    • Office managers must ensure all controls from the Generic Risk Management forms are implemented.
    • For example, providing trolleys and providing ergonomic chairs for staff.
    • You can add any hazards that are present in your area that have not been included in the assessments. A risk register must be maintained.
    • Office managers must ensure controls identified from workplace inspections and incident/hazard reports are implemented to eliminate and/or reduce risks in their area.
    • You need to keep copies/records of:
      • risk management forms, risk registers and safe working procedures
      • induction and training
      • workplace inspections
      • audit reports
      • equipment maintenance.
  • It's important that all staff are aware of their health & safety responsibilities. These can be outlined in Key Performance Targets (KPTs) in the annual performance review, staff meetings or other avenues.

    The Health & Safety Wesbite has some suggested KPTs that can be used. For full information on health and safety responsibilitis see the HS336 Responsibility, Authority and Accountability Procedure

Employee assist for managers

There is a service specifically for Managers and Supervisors in EAP called managerAssistTM and it is an EAP Advisory service that assists managers and team leaders in managing situations such as:

  • an employee with problems impacting on work performance or behaviour;
  • interpersonal conflict
  • a distressed or troubled employee
  • assisting an employee not coping with change
  • difficulties with team functioning.

ManagerAssistTM is a resource service, providing suggestions and options. A manager/team leader accessing the service decides on appropriate action, applying relevant HR policy. The manager/team leader remains in control in managing the situation.  More information is available on the Human Resources Website.