Gaining a solid understanding of what gendered violence is and how to recognise it.

  • Student Module on Preventing Gendered Violence at UNSW
  • MATE Bystander training – we are currently training facilitators to roll out the Griffith University MATE training from 2024 and beyond. We’re eager to collaborate with you to bring this valuable training to your staff and students. To get involved, please reach out to Semra Tastan, Project Manager.
  • Underpinning our training and awareness programs we have strengthened our Code of Conduct and Values and we making our policies and procedures in relation to gendered violence more visible and more accessible.

Gendered violence

Gendered violence is an inclusive term that spans hazing, dating violence, domestic and family violence, sexualised and racialised bullying, sexual misconduct, including sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Managing Psychosocial Risk

Psychosocial hazards are sources of potential harm at work, that may result in a physical and or psychological impact for the individual. They can show up in a number of ways, from how work is designed, organised and supervised to the work environment and equipment provided.

Respect at work

Workplace sexual harassment is not a women’s issue: it is a societal issue, which every Australian, and every Australian workplace, can contribute to addressing.


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