Contractor safety induction

UNSW strongly recommends that Estate Management (EM) be engaged, or consulted, when local areas require external contractors to carry out work, or provide consultation, in areas where UNSW is operating.

This webpage provides guidance on occasions when local areas engage contractors (independent of Estate Management) for any type of work or consultation, e.g., equipment maintenance, specialist consultants, cleaners, general tradies, etc. 

Construction works are excluded, as they must be managed by Estate Management. Please contact your local Building Manager if you are planning construction works in your area.

Please note that the local area will be responsible for evaluating contractors, prior to their engagement, for compliance with safety, insurance, and appropriate skill set, as well as record keeping requirements.

Visit the Contractor Induction Portal

View HS801 Contractor Safety Manual for detailed guidance

If you have any queries, please contact the relevant Safety contact.

Feedback on the information contained in this webpage can be emailed to Last updated November 2021.

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