What is Plant?

In essence it includes any machinery, equipment (including scaffolding), appliance, implement or tool and any associated components or fittings. [National Standard for Plant NOHSC:1010(1994)]. Since this is a fairly all encompassing definition, extending to computers and office furniture, it is important to address plant safety issues in a priority order beginning with the highest risk plant.

UNSW has a Plant and Equipment Procedure which outlines the key responsibilities for staff to ensure they have a safe system of work in place to protect staff, students, contractors and members of the public from plant and equipment hazards.

Plant procurement

Recently a unit had trouble when they purchased plant. When it arrived on site, the room (where it was planned to be located) didn’t have sufficient weight-loading.

Such issues can be avoided by contacting Facilities Management prior to raise a Purchase Order, at the early stage of the project. This will ensure there are adequate facilities for the unit and budget for any installation needs (e.g. ducting...). 

In parallel, the Research and Major Equipment Procurement Website can provide you information on the procurement process to follow, templates to use, different knowledge materials and RMEP Team’s contact details to seek for support (requirements‘ definition including Australian Standards, commercial negotiation, risks mitigation through contract negotiation...)

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