Facilities Management is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the physical facilities of the University. This unit has responsibility for coordinating new building work and refurbishment of facilities, as well as maintenance, inspection, security and emergency services.

Reporting building hazards

Persons experiencing problems with building and facilities infrastructure such as lifts, exit lights, or air conditioning should contact Facilities Management Client Services on ext 55111.

The specific Client Facility Manager (CFM) for the Faculty or Division will be notified. CFMs are responsible for liaising with their client area regarding the identified hazard/concern and ensuring that corrective action is completed.

Construction and contractors

The UNSW Space Management Policy and Procedures states that: "Any changes to buildings or to engineering services (water, sewerage, electricity, gas, etc) for any purpose, including maintenance or refurbishment, are to be made by qualified personnel from Facilities Management or by licensed contractors working under its supervision.

"Facilities Management has developed and implemented Guidelines for the Management of OHS (Construction) to ensure that risks relating to the design and construction of buildings and facilities are eliminated or controlled as far as reasonably practicable. Facilities Management personnel must ensure that all work complies with code, regulatory or statutory requirements and established policies.

Implemented procedures include Site Specific OHS induction of all building contractors working at UNSW. Faculties and Divisions must not arrange any construction, refurbishment or maintenance of buildings or engineering services using their own staff or contractors unless approved in writing by Facilities Management. CFMs have primary responsibility for managing building contractors for their specific client area. Hazards arising from contractor activities should be reported to the relevant CFM or Facilities Management Client Services on ext 55111.

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