Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that has been used extensively in buildings and equipment in Australia up until recently. The risks associated with exposure to asbestos fibres are now well-established and import and use of asbestos is prohibited in Australia.

UNSW has multiple buildings and locations which still contain asbestos. In addition, asbestos continues to be used in many countries outside of Australia and as a result there may be instances where asbestos is discovered in imported equipment.

Asbestos identification

Estate Management - Facilities Management implements a pro-active program of asbestos identification, monitoring and removal across UNSW’s campuses. Any person who discovers or suspects the presence of asbestos must notify Facilities Management on 9385 5111. The hazard must also be reported using the UNSW Hazard and Incident Reporting Procedure and completing an incident/hazard report online.

Asbestos register

Facilities Management maintains the UNSW Asbestos Register for UNSW’s buildings which includes all the necessary information on asbestos in UNSW buildings including the location, risk assessment and recommendations based on risk prioritisation. The latest version of the asbestos registers can be obtained from the Facilities Management Manager, Building Management or the relevant Facilities or Precinct Manager. Alternatively, you can visit the page below:

Asbestos Management Plan

Facilities Management coordinates a risk assessment of suspected asbestos in order to determine appropriate risk controls, in accordance with the requirements of the UNSW Asbestos Management Plan and the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018(2005)]. Affected persons will be kept informed regarding asbestos identification, risk assessment and the selection of risk controls to be implemented.

Asbestos permit to work

The HS918 Asbestos Work Permit must be completed prior to any asbestos removal work, with records stored in RAMS. See also HS820 Permit to Work Procedure.

Asbestos fact sheet

The UNSW H&S Asbestos Fact Sheet contains information on commonly asked questions regarding asbestos management at UNSW.

Asbestos health monitoring

Requirements for health monitoring are outlined in HS091 Health Monitoring Guideline.


Asbestos records, including the asbestos register, results of inspection and analysis, any work done on the asbestos (such as encapsulation or removal), disposal records, details of the contractor engaged to do the work,  permits for asbestos removal, air monitoring results and work clearance certificates are provided to the Facilities Management Manager, Building Management to maintain, store and make available to others in a manner consistent with the Record-keeping Framework. See also:

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