Photochemical upconversion

Conversion of lower energy light into higher energy light has applications in photovoltaics, solar fuels, medicine, and low voltage lighting. Our group researches upconversion in collaboration with others in Australia, Germany and the US with a view to making solar cells more efficient

Laser spectroscopy of radicals and ions

Many reaction intermediates in the atmosphere, and in interstellar and combustion chemistry, are free radicals and ions. We use high resolution pulsed lasers and vacuum chambers to isolate and interrogate radicals species which are impossible to study with such precision any other way. Our group has been the first to detect many hydrocarbon radicals, and we are currently doing multiple laser experiments to obtain high resolution spectra of ions under simulated astrophysical conditions.

Laser spectroscopy of gas-phase PAH radicals (and one Ion)

Schmidt's talk at Harvard University from 2013.