• Top 50

    QS World University Rankings, 2022.

  • Leading

    #1 Australian uni attended by start-up founders.

  • 27th Worldwide
    Employer Reputation

    QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2020.

The entrepreneurship community that UNSW is building is world-class.
Kurt Walkom smiles in a pearler shirt against a yellow background

Kurt Walkom

Commerce / Engineering


You’re the person the world needs.

Life is changing and the future is uncertain. 

You may not know how or why yet, but you know you’re here to make a difference.

You’re not waiting for the universe to give you the answers.

You’re finding them for yourself.

Challenging echoes with evidence.

Few people have great ideas. 

Even fewer make them happen.

It takes a dreamer, an explorer, a researcher, a leader, a thinker. 

It takes someone like you.

The world needs U. 

Dreamers, leaders, thinkers. The world needs U.

The world is changing and now, more than ever, it needs people committed to making a difference. People ready to explore, question, research, challenge and lead. The world needs U.

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